Wiccan Love Spells

A lot of people find the Wicca religion quite fascinating. Yours truly included, however, I’m not ready to pack up with what I already believe and raised on and leave it all behind. I guess what gives me doubt is that people who follow the Wicca religion are also known as witches. Yes, witches.

Now, when I think of witches, I imagine old, green-skinned women with large noses flying around on a makeshift broom stick. This, obviously, couldn’t be any further from the truth. In fact, a lot of people find a certain sex appeal to the Wicca religion. Maybe it’s because there are spells that Wiccans can conjure just for that purpose. They’re called “love spells” and the Wicca religion has quite a few of them.

Making Someone Love You?

Honestly, you cannot make someone love you. It’s really that simple. Those who follow the Wicca religion know this to be true, however, they believe that if there is even just a spark of interest coming from the pursued it is possible to increase that interest to an obsession.

Isn’t Casting a Spell on People and Making Them do What You Want Considered a Dark Art?

Not necessarily. You’re not taking away a persons “right to choose” but rather intensifying one of the choices (being you). It’s almost like setting yourself on fire to get noticed.


Casting spells is considered to be a “dark art” to many people.

You might consider this cheating, but like the old saying goes:

All is fair in love and war.
~Sun Tzu~

But again, it depends on who you ask. I mean, we are talking about witchcraft.

How to Cast Spells, but First…

RULE #1: You need to believe in magic. Period. Even the slightest doubt could null the spell. Complete faith is needed in order for each spell to work properly.

RULE #2: Every spell must be followed accurately. There are no shortcuts when it comes to casting spells. If faith and caution are not applied properly the consequences may be so severe the results could be irreversible.

RULE #3: Never reveal your acts or intentions to those you have cast a spell upon. In fact, it’d probably be best if you didn’t speak a word of it to anyone. Just in case.


What is Needed

A proper witch has a good supply of herbs, incense and other items needed to cast spells. Luckily, most “love spells” do not require that many ingredients/items and the ingredients/items you do require are probably laying around in a junk drawer somewhere – probably the kitchen. Which I find ironic since I believe most witches practice their art and cast spells in the kitchen. I don’t know why…I just do.

Make Someone Love You


  • red ribbon
  • wine glass
  • ring/band

Make sure the red ribbon is rather lengthy. It doesn’t have to be super long, just enough to be able to suspend a ring/band over a wine glass. The height of the wine glass is not important but it should not be taller than your arm when your elbows are placed on the table. This spell works best if your mothers wedding ring/band is used but any sentimental  ring/band will do.



Thread the ribbon through the ring/band. Hold the ribbon together by pinching it between your index finger and thumb. With your elbows on the table, suspend the ring/band over the wine glass touching the rim. Balance the ring/band on the rim of the wine glass trying to remain as still as possible. The ring/band must remain as still as possible while the chanting is proceeding.

While the ring/band remains still on the rim of the wine glass, chant your name and the persons name you wish to desire you, however, chant that persons name THREE TIMES. After you’ve chanted that persons name THREE TIMES, swing the ring/band around the wine glass while thinking and concentrating on the person you wish to desire you. Repeat this method several times before you move on to STEP #2.

Author’s Note: If you’re wondering how long you should chant for before moving on to STEP #2, imagine filling the wine glass with the passion you have for this person. Each time you complete a chant, you fill the wine glass with that much more of desire.
The more you chant, the more you’re filling the glass.
Don’t overfill!

But remember,the bigger they are, the harder they fall“.


After you’ve completed STEP #1, keeping your elbows on the table, clink the ring/band against the side of the wine glass to each letter of the persons name. All the while thinking about this person.


After the ritual, without letting the ring/band touch anything else, bend over and tie the red ribbon around your neck and DO NOT let the ring touch ANYTHING else until it falls against your chest over your heart. If you do, the ritual MUST be done over again and with more intensity. Once the ring/band touches your chest over your heart, you’re all good.

This ritual must be repeated every Friday for three (3) weeks. After which, if there is any spark of any kind between the two of you, this person will come to you.


Complete faith is needed when casting love spells.

If you are not satisfied by the results, there are more desperate measures that could be taken. However, it’s more than likely you will need an experienced witch to help cast these spells for they are much too complex for the beginner.

Again, apply caution when approaching others and exposing your vulnerabilities to strangers. Do your research on people who claim to be an experienced, well-established witch.

If it doesn’t feel right, it probably isn’t.

Bring Back a Former Love


  • one gram of cinnamon & hibiscus powder
  • an earthen pot
  • rose incense granules
  • red ink pen
  • blank letter size paper

Are you thinking that maybe you made a mistake and now you want them back? Or maybe you’d like to use them for just one cold and lonely night? Either way, here’s a spell that can accommodate you no matter what situation you find yourself in.  Again, follow these instructions accurately. There are no shortcuts when it comes to casting spells.


Place the hibiscus powder and cinnamon in the earthen pot, along with the rose incense granules. Set these on fire, preferably with a wooden matchstick. After the smoke clears, and there is just a fire, with the red pen and the blank paper, draw two hearts interlocking each other. Cut this out and in each of the hearts put your name in one and the persons name you wish to desire in the other. Fold this TEN TIMES and place in the fire. You may want to complete this step rather quickly.


After everything is burnt up in the earthen pot, take the remaining ashes and bury it in the yard of your desired loved. You may even place it in their car or at their place of employment. In fact, the more piles you have hidden around the person, the greater the chances are of you fulfilling your wish.


This is a common looking earthen pot.


The hibiscus is the national symbol of Haiti.







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