A typical store front window display of a voodoo shop in New Orleans, LA.

The Power of Voodoo is Misunderstood throughout MOST of the World

The exact origin of the Voodoo is unfortunately unknown, however, most experts and scholars agree that Voodoo may have originated in West Africa. To be more accurate, Southern Nigeria in the city of Benin. It’s also not known exactly how long the Voodoo religion has been around. It’s been suggested that Voodoo may have been around since before the birth of Christ.


Human shaped skulls aren’t always considered evil.

There are many variations within the Voodoo beliefs and practices, just as there are many different variations of the Christian faith. Just as in some other religions, there are priests and priestesses in the Voodoo religion, however, they are called Hougans (priest) and Mandbos (priestess). These spiritual leaders have made a commitment to follow a spiritual path and offers guidance to those who seek it. Each Hougan and Manbo are responsible for their own actions for there is no scripture or a world authority. Voodoo supports individual experience, responsibility, empowerment and is community based. Voodoo may be practiced differently from community to community.

What is Voodoo?

To understand Voodoo you have to see the world as Voodooist sees the world. According to a Voodooist, there are two worlds. One world you can see and another world you cannot see.

Yep, so far.

These two worlds are intertwined with one another. Death is just a transition that leads to the world that we cannot see, otherwise called “the invisible world”. This means that our past love ones still walk among us but in spirit form. They are believed to watch over us and inspire us to do things.
Still simple?

Yep, and a little spooky.


It is unlikely we’ll ever get an accurate number of how many Voodooists there are since many practice in secret.

Well, you haven’t heard the rest of it.

What a practicing Voodooist tries to accomplish is establish a relationship with a Lwa. These are archetypes of human personalities. Lwas could range from Ogun the god of war & metal to a mere mortal like the Voodoo Queen of New Orleans, Marie Catherine Laveau. Each different Lwa is actually a family of similar types. A past loved one, ancestor or predecessor may fall into one of the many Lwa families.

When a Voodooist develops a connection with the Lwa, they try to understand them and how they saw the visible world when they were alive. A Voodooist would then try to embrace the Lwas own personal feelings by connecting spiritually. They would then bring knowledge and guidance over from the invisible world to help and inspire the living.

What Voodoo Consists

Voodoo consists many of the same things, but they also consists a lot of different beliefs as well. For instance, Voodoo practiced in Haiti and in the state of Louisiana of the USA, have a little Catholic beliefs mixed in with their Voodoo beliefs.