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If you’re into marijuana cryptocurrencies then you’ve probably heard of Paragon (aka Paragon Coin). Jessica VerSteeg, CEO of Paragon, has been reported as to “fleeing the United States”.

Doesn’t sound good, does it?
Well, it isn’t.

VerSteeg, 32, b. Sept. 14, 1987, was crowned Miss Iowa in 2014. She’s a known model and is a popular American entrepreneur… well, for the wrong reason but popular none-the-less.

Now, crypto prices fluctuate I understand this, however, watching Paragon prices just seem a little… peculiar (putting it mildly). In fact, on New Years Eve in Germany people went to bed at $0.30 per coin and woke up to it being valued at ten bucks. What the…?

This isn’t the first time we’ve seen Paragon skyrocket in price — only to crash and burn a short time later. Paragon keeps on going. They’ve been taken to court, sanctioned by the SEC and still see a 6800% price rise on the Russian exchange YORBIT…? (say what???)  YORBIT currently has ParagonCoin above $2.25, however, American exchange CoinMarketCap.Com has Paragon listed at around twenty-five cents.

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ParagonCoin — PRG

Don’t get me wrong, I love a good drama, especially in “real-time”. And since I have NOT invested in Paragon, I can enjoy it that much better. I was close, I was close. No doubt. Something told me to hold off. Glad I listened to that little voice.

The marijuana cryptocurrency is in stress as it is, and then this happens? However, instead of it being a tool used against marijuana cryptocurrency and cryptocurrency in itself, it was used as an example and a keystone to improve and enforce of “what NOT to do” and “what is NOT allowed”. After the SEC sanctioned Paragon, it sees a 6800% price increase on the Russian exchange Yorbit. It seems investors in ParagonCoin went to sleep New Years Eve and then woke up to this marijuana cryptocurrency rise from thirty cents to ten bucks! WHOA!


So, let me get this straight. After all the court cases and legal battles, sanctioned by the SEC, fleeing the United States & ParagonCoin still rises 6800%… from thirty cents to ten bucks?

Something Shady

Come on… you got to be kidding. Right? How is it that ParagonCoin is still in operation? And on top off that, see a 6800% rise in price?

Let’s not forget that rapper, The Game was thrown under the bus by Lavrov & VerSteeg. It wasn’t until recently that rapper, The Game was cleared and found not only innocent of any wrongdoing, but called a victim instead.

Lavrov & VerSteeg have now fled the US and terminated most of their social media accounts. It has been reported that the couple may have fled to a small town or village where Lavrov grew up. This is unconfirmed since Lavrov was born in Moscow.

Lavrov is reported as to be living currently in the Dominican Republic and still operates business in:

  • Miami, Florida
  • Madrid, Spain
  • Panama City, Panama
  • San Juan, Puerto Rico
  • Lima, Peru
  • Guayaquil, Ecuador
  • Petion-Ville, Haiti

I suggest, without any proof and/or evidence, that Mr. Igor Lavrov is being watched very, very closely by the proper authorities.


She Gone

Did Jessica VerSteeg and her husband, Egor Lavrov Flee the United States?

Screenshot_2019-09-28 Jessica VerSteeg on Instagram “When your housekeeper says she is leaving the US because of Donald I g[...]

Screenshot_2019-09-28 jessica versteeg fled the US at DuckDuckGo

Rapper “Game” was Thrown Under the Bus

CEO of Paragon, Jessica VerSteeg and rapper Game decided to partner up. A couple of years later, Game was regretting his decision. It seems Paragon landed itself in court a couple of times and although Paragon claims that everything was cleared-up, others would say something different… like the court transcripts.

VerSteeg was confident in interviews, on camera as well as on paper, saying everything that an investor wanted to hear. The “ear-candy” went well with the “eye-candy”, I mean, she was Miss Iowa 2014…right? Of course she’s beautiful. However, being beautiful doesn’t necessarily mean honest now, does it?

No it doesn’t.
It seems that up until August 27th, 2019, VerSteeg and Lavrov acted as though everything was going according to what was expected of them.

They even said the following:

Yeah, we’ll process refunds starting end of the month. Wait until then.

Well, guess what happened when the end of the month came…?
Yep. You guessed it.
ParagonCoin’s “Queen of Weed” Jessica Versteeg and her Russian genius of a husband Egor Lavrov have gone off the grid. That’s right, my friends.

Jessica VerSteeg & Egor Lavrov have gone dark.

If you’re still not catching on, let me help you.

Paragon is missing a lot of the investors money.
Speaking of missing, Jessica VerSteeg & Egor Lavrov have gone missing as well…with around $70M.
Game was left behind to face the complaints and ridicules.
Got it?

Rumor has it that VerSteeg and Lavrov have gone into hiding located somewhere in Russia. Game has since been cleared of any wrong doing.