BoatPilot Token (NAVY)


The Next BIG Thing


For most people, cryptocurrency is thought of something to difficult to comprehend. That’s understandable, however, this doesn’t mean that it’s useless. People who know of cryptocurrency may have also heard of BitCoin, but what a lot of these people don’t realize that there are many other cryptocurrencies. A lot more.

Out of the many informed investors, some have actually become financially independent and are living the life they never thought possible.  Some of the early BitCoin investors began to think what the majority of the UNinformed public thought — that it was a scam. Unfortunately for these people, they thought wrong.


Well, I may have some information for those who regretfully thought it be best to ditch their BitCoin investment or not invest at all. If you would like a second chance at a possible large gain from a cryptocurrency… it’s called BoatPilot. Not only do I feel that the BoatPilot token is going to become extremely valuable, it has a “best-use-case” unlike any other digital asset in the crypto market.



The BoatPilot token holds its value in advertising, but mostly from data that’s gathered through the BoatPilot app. Very similar to Google Maps and TripAdvisor, BoatPilot is a marine navigation system with an interactive electronic pilot and navigator that features a classic chart plotter. That’s where the BoatGod comes in, which is a sophisticated hardware module that kind of looks like an iPad that can be installed on vessels to capture important geo-data statistics on its onboard system from all of its users thanks to an ingenious tool called Pocket Skipper.


Pocket Skipper can inform ship captains of possible dangers ahead and notify of possible dangers within vessels. If your ship is taking in water, low on fuel, nearest fueling stations, speeding through a “no wake zone”, shallow rocks, etc.  The Pocket Skipper, applied to the BoatGod module, is there to keep watch of these potential warnings and/or dangers. If you have ever used TripAdvisor/Google Maps you know how useful these notifications can be.


Ship captains, yachtsmen, private sailors are rewarded in BoatPilot tokens whenever precious information is sent to BoatPilot, which is then sent out to other BoatPilot investors’ BoatGod module.

Now, I am not a ship captain, a yachtsman or even a sailor. In fact, I don’t even own a row boat, but that doesn’t prevent me from being a loyal investor. Who knows, if things go well because of my cryptocurrency investment, I may be able to purchase a sailing vessel of my own in the future . If you would like to watch an encouraging video about BoatPilot then you need to watch this which is posted on BoatPilot’s YouTube channel.

Don’t think locally — think globally.

Stay tuned with Beelzebub.Rocks for more exciting information on BoatPilot and other fascinating cryptocurrencies.