Demonic Possession

Are You or Someone You Know in Need of an Exorcism?

Chances are probably not, but that doesn’t necessarily mean we’re in the clear. Exorcisms aren’t as popular as they once were but that doesn’t mean that they’re not being performed. Demonic possession is claimed to be a rarity and is said that it’s quite often confused with a mental illness. But whose to say that mental illness isn’t also quite often confused with demonic possession? However you feel about the subject the fact is that demonic possession is believed by billions and exorcisms are still performed today. Everybody and anybody could fall victim to demonic possession at anytime. It does not depend on you whether you believe in God or a god or no god at all. Demonic possession can affect anybody.

The Vatican first issued official guidelines on exorcism in 1614, and revised them in 1999.


People who worship Satan (the devil) are called Satanists or Luciferians.

According to BBC, 250 priests headed to the Vatican to brush up on their exorcism skills. So, it’s safe to say that Catholic priests are learning how to become exorcists at the Vatican.

Fox News is claiming that the need for exorcists are on the rise and that more priests are needed to carry out the ritual.

It is not necessary to be a Catholic priest to carry out a ritual such as an exorcism.

How Does One get Possessed?

The Christian Holy Bible teaches its followers that there are four types of sin. Anyone of these sins can potentially open a gateway to Hell and lead to a demonic possession.

  • defiant
  • willful
  • accidental
  • ignorant


Defiant sin is when you know something is wrong but you do it anyway. This is the worst of the four. When you repeatedly commit a defiant sin and refuse to “obey the knowledge and conviction given by the Holy Spirit” you are then committing an unpardonable sin.


This sin is the doorway through which demons attempt to gain control over people. When you repeatedly commit a willful sin it can easily turn into a defiant sin. You are willfully turning your back on the protection the Holy Spirit provides you, and to all Christians, to prevent a demonic possession.


Even though all wrongdoing is considered a sin, God will not hold you guilty for an accidental sin if you confess your sin (this is found in the Christian Holy Bible at 1 John 1:9) and restore or repair all of the damage (make restitution) you may have caused .


Every sin has guilt but God will not condemn you of wrongdoing if you’re truly ignorant about it. With this being said, this does not not mean it will go unpunished. All sin has consequences and ignorant sin is no exception. History has said that we are corporately reaping the consequences right now which generations (ignorantly) sowed in the past!


Playing with a Ouija Board is said to be a sure way of getting possessed.