There are only TWO (2) Genders

Dr. Michelle Cretella
President, American College of Pediatricians

Gender Dysphoria is a well-known & documented mental illness. To be accurate, it’s considered a mental disorder rather than a mental condition. In more serious cases a person who has gender dysphoria can sometimes have problems keeping a job, feels awkward in social events or could even suffer from extreme anxiety or severe depression.

This is nothing to be ashamed of. Hundreds, upon hundreds, of thousands of people have this condition.

MP1 Cancer Drug

Studies Show that the Venom from the Brazilian Wasp Kills Cancer Cells


Brazilian Wasp

The Polybia paulista, more commonly known as the Brazilian Wasp, and the poisonous venom it carries was recently studied at Leeds University. A researcher from there claims that this cancer therapy “would be an entirely new class of anti-cancer drugs…”.

It seems that the venom from the Brazilian Wasp will search out and attack tumor cells. The poisonous venom contains a toxin known as MP1. This MP1 molecule creates holes in a cancer cell’s protective membrane. These holes are large enough to where RNA molecules & proteins that are essential to a cancer cell’s existence begin to leak out. Once these molecules & proteins have left the cancer cell it begins to die. Although the Brazilian Wasp venom is deadly to cancer cells, it’s completely harmless when it approaches a healthy cell, but further tests are definitely required.

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