There are only TWO (2) Genders

Dr. Michelle Cretella
President, American College of Pediatricians

Gender Dysphoria is a well-known & documented mental illness. To be accurate, it’s considered a mental disorder rather than a mental condition. In more serious cases a person who has gender dysphoria can sometimes have problems keeping a job, feels awkward in social events or could even suffer from extreme anxiety or severe depression.

This is nothing to be ashamed of. Hundreds, upon hundreds, of thousands of people have this condition.

President Trump on the United States One Hundred Dollar Bill

Think about it… ‘Why is Benjamin Franklin on the United States one hundred dollar bill?’. All the other US currencies have US Presidents on them, what makes the one hundred dollar bill so special, or should we dare ask, ‘What makes Franklin so special?’

Before you even start…

…if you’re expecting to learn something valuable about the Federal Reserve, the rise & fall of inflation or how money-markets work — this ain’t the place. In fact, if you’re expecting to learn anything of value (something that will change your life)…again, I tell you — this ain’t it.

Now, if you’ve got some time to kill and would like to know something that could possibly change your perception on certain things, well NOW… now you might be in the right place.


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The United States Currency

Like most currencies throughout the world, countries usually stamp the face of a former (or even current) leader or some other figure head with great significance to that country. The United States is no exception. The faces of past United States Presidents are present on their currency, with the exception of the one hundred dollar bill (the most recognized and excepted currency note in the world) it has the face of Benjamin Franklin, a non-president but still a highly valuable and respected man when it comes to their “Founding Fathers”.

Facts About George Washington & the US Currency


  • George Washington’s wife, Martha Washington, is the only woman whose portrait has appeared on a U.S. currency note. It appeared on the face of the $1 Silver Certificate of 1886 and 1891, and the back of the $1 Silver Certificate of 1896.
  • George Washington first appeared on a commemorative dollar, with the Marquis de Lafayette, in 1899.
  • Lady Liberty adorned the face of the quarter for over 100 years before being replaced by George Washington in 1932.
  • Almost half, 48 percent, of the notes printed by the Bureau of Engraving and Printing are the George Washington $1 notes.
And on a Side Note:
  • Though it would be difficult to tell without a magnifying glass, the hands of the clock in the steeple of Independence Hall are set at approximately 4:10 on the back of the United States one hundred dollar bill.

The most recognized and excepted currency is the United States one hundred dollar bill. However, it is also the most counterfeited.

Why Benjamin Franklin is on the United States One Hundred Dollar Bill

It’s common knowledge to most informed American citizens that Benjamin Franklin was not a United States President. However, every other common US currency has a US President on it, why the one hundred dollar bill? Why Benjamin Franklin?

It was considered that the one hundred dollar  bill is the highest-value note of American currency in circulation back in 2014 and it picked up momentum right after the United States 2016 Presidential election.

The reason Benjamin Franklin appears on the United States one hundred dollar bill is quite simple really. It is to commemorate the many contributions and personal sacrifices he made to help create American history. Some of Franklin’s contributions to American history include his strategic planning, political deeds with the fledgling United States and his role in bringing the French over to the American side in the Revolutionary War.


It’s true, many of the Founding Fathers played an important & crucial role when it came to the birth of the United States. However, Franklin’s role was probably the one of most importance. With him assisting to write the Declaration of Independence it became very vital in completing the draft because it brought all of the signatories into agreement.

If the French had not come to the aid of the future United States, it’s more than likely would have brought a different ending when it came to the Revolutionary War . Ben Franklin played a HUGE role in winning the French aid. Their support totaled tens of thousands of French currency toward the effort against England. Without the French contribution of funds & troops and training to the “underdog” colonists, those colonies might have remained under English control a little longer than they wanted.

Franklin’s innovations and inventions made him a very important figure in American history. Not only politically but his creativity and love for science made him a HUGE figure in developing the ‘American industry‘ as we know it today.


Do you know which US currency note is missing?

Why should President Trump be on the United States One Hundred Dollar Bill?


To commemorate him for reminding United States citizens what they stand for:

  1. Truth
  2. Justice
  3. The American Way


Sure, there are American citizens who do not like their President, but the truth is, there are MORE American citizens that do. That’s how President Donald Trump won the 45th Presidential nomination. More American citizens voted for him than his opponent.

On April 7, 1866 Congress stated that only a portrait of a deceased person could appear on US currency.

With that being said, a lot of people who like President Trump do not think he should replace any of the figureheads that are currently on United States currency.


Didn’t think this article was going to go there, did you?




My Response [Part One]


Recently, a picture of me turned up promoting the “Red State Democrats” on Facebook. It was false propaganda, but that didn’t stop RedStateDems from posting their Socialist propaganda anyway. Not surprising though. The Left is well-known for promoting “Fake News”. Nothing & nobody is off-limits.

Not even people in their OWN party.

Yes. You read that correctly,
I’m a registered Democrat. I voted for Obama…twice.

The reason I support the President of the United States is because I feel we need to get things in order to Make America Great Again . If President Trump didn’t win we, as Americans:

  1. Would have never known how corrupt the media is.
  2. Immigrants would still be held in cages and nobody would have said a thing.
  3. The corrupt Department of Justice would have never been exposed.
  4. We wouldn’t have a “Space Force”.

So, I believe I narrowed it down to just one reason why I was targeted:

  1.  I seriously pissed someone off on the Left using logic & common sense.

I think it’s hilarious, so does everyone I know who saw this. It doesn’t bother me at all. The reason I’m even talking about it so that maybe even MORE people will visit my Pixabay account. Hopefully, people will check out this site as well. Maybe even give a #Facebook “Like” to my Facebook Fan Page (Beelzebub.Rocks). This whole fiasco was actually a marketing strategy — something I could have never done by myself.






Check out other pics (not of me) at my Pixabay account.


The Left will even eat their own.

Pastor Mauled by Crocodile during Baptism

Pastor Docho Eshete Dies from Crocodile Attack during Baptism

About 80 people who came to get baptized watched instead the pastor get mauled to death by a crocodile. Sunday morning, June 3rd, 2018, 45-year-old, Protestant Pastor Docho Eshete, was pronounced dead when local fishermen and a few other volunteers retrieved Eshete’s body from Lake Abaya, near Arba Minch in southern Ethiopia. Lake Abaya is well-known for being heavily populated with Nile Crocodiles.


The Nile Crocodile is responsible for over 300 deaths in Africa.

An investigation suggests that it was more than likely that the species was the Nile Crocodile, but it is uncertain. The crocodile was tracked while carrying Eshete’s body and retrieved luckily before the crocodile escaped. This particular breed of crocodile is notorious for attacking humans and is responsible for over 300 deaths each year in Africa.

Was this a sign for those 80 people?


The Handling of the California Water Crisis is in Question

California Governor Jerry Brown may have Lost His Mind!


The Great State of California

If you haven’t heard by now, but California is in a bit of a water crisis. In fact, residents are not allowed to water their lawn or garden. California residents are use to a water crisis and most (if not all) remain positive and are undoubtedly going to live through this water crisis like they have in years past.

However, California governor Jerry Brown isn’t so pessimistic. He feels he needs to supply his citizens with water rations being as little as 50 gallons a day, per family…wait, what?


Residents forbidden to water lawn/garden.


Yes, it’s true!

For some reason, this doesn’t seem right. In fact, I do believe that it may be illegal if this ban lasts longer than six months to over a year. Doesn’t it? A family of three gets the same amount of water rations as a family of seven?
If this isn’t illegal — it should be. If anything, this definitely deserves to be looked further into.


Yosemite Park, California

Hard to believe that a state with over 3,000 lakes and reservoirs (note: some are considered “dry lakes”) would have such a water crisis. A state with so much coastal land along the Pacific Ocean you’d think the rain alone would purify the land but…no. If you think it’s just a “west coast thang”…think again.

Some knew it was coming.

Ellie Kincaid of Business Insider wrote an article back on April 21, 2015 saying that not only California is going to suffer a water crisis but other states as well. Her source was the Government Accountability Office report.

The Conspiracy behind California’s Water Crisis

Consider that their is no water crisis. That it’s all made up. What if this is just an attempt to take one step closer to a Authoritative government? This may be an Illuminati attempt to take control. Remember their motto (one of many):

Create a problem. Come up with a solution that best suits your interest and the interest at hand. Execute your plan strategically to where you get to decide what the people want/need, never force it upon them — they must accept it freely.

The state of California’s governor, Jerry Brown,  may still be following protocol regardless that Hillary Clinton didn’t win the Presidency.

Governor Jerry Brown is notorious for believing in “open borders”, in spite that majority of crimes committed by illegal aliens done in his state are against his very own legal residents.

**Control the water, control the citizens**



The World is Going to End;
No Doubt


Asteroid(s) Impact

The world is going to end. Hopefully later rather than sooner. However, many still wonder how the end of the world is going to end. Truth is, there are a few ways the end of the world could come upon us. It’s a scary thought, but hey…it’s going to happen one way or another.


 1. Asteroid Impact


Science claims that this happened once before when dinosaurs ruled Earth. Science also claims that it’s happened quite a few times before that even. So what’s stopping it from ever happening again…? So far, nothing. Chances are that if the end of the world were to ever happen, an asteroid impact would be the cause. However, there are a few other theories that sound just as scary, or even worse. Depends on who you are I guess.

2. Swallowed Up by Sun


The sun is expanding, that we know. Why it’s expanding isn’t exactly understood. Many claim to know the reason, unfortunately none of the reasons seem straightforward enough to give a solid explanation.

Nice try, though.

3. Swallowed Up by Black Hole


Again with the swallowing??? Unlike the chance of being swallowed up by our Sun, claims warning us that Earth will be swallowed up by a black hole seems almost just as believable or unbelievable. What’s cool about this theory is that most believe a black hole could possibly be a worm hole to another part of space. So if a black hole does consume us all we need to do is hold on tight.

4. Rouge Planet


It’s bad enough to think that an asteroid could possibly annihilate the entire human population, but an entire planet…? C’mon already!
Well respected scholars and researchers have speculated for years that there is a rouge planet that passes through our solar system every 3600 years or so. The planet Nibiru (aka Planet ‘X’) is believed to be such a planet.

5. Nuclear War


Ah, yes. What kind of a DOOMSDAY list would this be without a good old fashion nuclear war scare, eh? If a nuclear war ever happens on the planet Earth, chances are it will end civilization as we know it. Those who don’t die, will slowly perish on the scorched Earth. It would take the greatest miracle of them all to help humankind survive a nuclear holocaust. There are no winners when it comes to a nuclear war.

6. Artificial Intelligence


It’s already here. If we humans aren’t careful we’re going to construct our obliteration. Artificial intelligence has already taken grasp of major privately owned technology businesses/companies and there’s no way to tell what they’re doing. Conspiracy theories have developed claiming that not only do these governments know what these corporations are doing but they’re also funding these shady programs with taxpayer money.

7. Diseases/Plagues


This deadly scenario is not only highly possible, but it has managed to give humanity a wake-up call on a few occasions.  Many fear a ‘Zombie Apocalypse’ is in our future. There have been a few cases where humans were acting Zombie like, however, these cases have been called out as mental-health issues and nothing to do with Zombies. So they say.

8. Synthetic Biology


Since we’ve been trying to master weaponizing synthetic biology we run the risk of causing an accidental synthetic biological disaster. If you’re unaware of what synthetic biology is, don’t be alarmed, there are many who share your ignorance. In short, synthetic biology consists of creating and studying new forms of life.

9. Ecological Collapse


It’s been warned to us over and over again that we’re killing Mother Earth. With plastic waste being a HUGE problem for the planet it’s only getting bigger. The amount of oil that’s been dumped in the oceans could supply the United States for a few years.

10. Climate Change


Climate change…? We’re back on that again? Unfortunately yes, however, still a possibility when it comes to doomsday and the planet Earth. Remember, planet Earth rotates around the sun in the “comfort zone”. Just a few degrees closer to the sun and we’ll burn up. Just a few degrees away and we’ll freeze. The way humans use the planet Earth as a garbage dump and living within their own waste, it’s a wonder that our earth hasn’t rejected us yet.

 11. Biotechnology Disaster


The use of microbes (micro-organisms) to produce and process materials is called biotechnology. And yes, we’re quite capable of destroying ourselves in this fashion as well.
An example of biotechnology is the creation of antibiotics and little something called fermentation. The process in which milk turns into cheese, grapes turn into wine and dough turns into bread. However, it’s much more complicated on a larger scale than just turning ‘water-into-wine’.

12. Failed Science Experiments


Failed science experiments is how some nightmares get created. Everything from an Ebola breakout to a full force zombie apocalypse. It’s been reported that mini-black holes are a lot easier to make than first thought. For some reason that just doesn’t sound good because mistakes do happen.

13. Alien Invasion


Some would even say that we’ve already been invaded…depends on who you ask. There are plenty of professionals in all sorts of studies throughout the world who believe in UFOs and extraterrestrials. Many more who refuse to step out of the shadows and admit that they believe.

Stephen Hawking believed in alien life on other planets. He felt that if we were ever visited by beings from another planet, chances are they will be hostile. He warns humans NOT to make contact. We’re not exactly sure what to expect when it comes to alien life. It could be an entire planet of biological beings with advancements in space travel, science & technology that would be totally beyond our comprehension;  or a simple one cell organism similar to bacteria. One thing is for certain, if they are biological beings, what would stop them from totally dominating the planet?

 14. Solar Flares/Gamma-Ray Exposure


The magnetic field the Earth is said to be giving off as the world rotates around the sun, protects us from such solar flares, gamma-rays and the deadly radiation that goes along with these natural occurrences. However, many believe that the protective layer in the ozone is wearing thin and the magnetic field won’t be enough to shield us from the deadly radiation.


15. Super-Volcano Eruptions


Now if the planet Earth was going to go out by way of volcano, as of right now it’s off to a good start. To what’s going on right now when it comes to  believing that the Earth could be destroyed by a volcano — seems to be very, very possible.

16.  Matrix Crash


If you’re a HUGE “Matrix Trilogy” fan then this end-of-the-world scenario may not surprise you as much than it would to the rest of the planet. In fact, although this may seem totally insane to most, it is the least surprising to say if it were proven to be true.


What’s the Difference between Memorial Day & Veterans Day?

A lot of people don’t know the difference between Memorial Day and Veterans Day, so don’t feel bad if you fail to recognize the difference between the two. They both have something to do with the military (not necessarily the United States military) and to honor those who served…but there’s a difference. A BIG difference.

Memorial Day

Memorial Day is celebrated on the last Monday of May. This day is recognized as a National holiday and is set aside to honor those who died serving their country, particularity those who died fighting or from wounds received from battle.

Veterans Day

Veterans Day is celebrated on November 11. This day is to honor everyone who served in the military, period, it doesn’t matter if they served during wartime or not.


If you notice that it does not specify what country. This means it does not matter what country’s military the person you wish to honor served. If you doubt this, I ask you to research the topic yourself.


In Depth about Memorial Day
& Veterans Day


Memorial Day is celebrated on the last Monday in the month of May. Veterans Day is celebrated on November 11.

For most United States citizens Memorial Day is a public holiday that is set aside in honor of those who died serving in the United States Armed Forces fighting for their country (or from wounds received) in battle. However, many United States citizens (mostly legal immigrants) question and wonder if this includes those who served the military, fought and died from other countries? According to this blogger, I don’t see why not. However, I wouldn’t make a huge spectacle about it.

I have a great, great uncle that fought in the Austrian-Hungarian Armed Forces during WWI and died on the Russian front. I also have a relative (my great, great uncle’s younger brother, in fact) who died in the German Armed Forces during WWII also on the Russian front.

These two soldiers who died on foreign lands in foreign armies are related to me. They’re family to me. I respect them. I also honor them. I respect and honor my two great, great uncles very much. So although they served in another country’s military, I feel Memorial Day was set aside for me, and people like me, to remember those (family & friends) who died serving their country…no matter where it is.

And yes, this includes those who died in the Civil War, no matter which side they were on. Respect and honor those who were willing to lay down their life for what they believed in…and did. It’s unfortunate they believed in the “wrong thing”.

War is unfortunate.

So am I telling you to go out and parade around with another country’s flag…?
Absolutely not.
I do not recommend this.
In fact, if you’re a legal United States citizen who migrated to the country, I recommend flying the United States flag high and proud. Give honor and show respect to those who died in the United States Armed Forces who made it possible for you to decide to migrate to this great country in the first place.


Memorial Day is set aside to honor those who died serving the military. Veterans Day is set aside to honor everyone who served in the military during wartime or not.

The common American has no idea when Memorial Day started. Memorial Day was first celebrated just one year after the American Civil War. What’s also not well known is that Memorial Day was known as “Decoration Day” until 1971.

Veterans Day, however, was first celebrated on November 11, 1919, to celebrate the end of World War One. Again, what’s not widely known is that Veterans Day was once refered to as “Armistice Day” until 1954.


Did you know that hostilities during World War One formally ended on the 11th hour, on the 11th day during the 11th month in the year 1918?
That’s pretty cool.