Dent (DENT) Continues Downward

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Dent (DENT) Will Bounce Back

Want to make a quick buck or two? Get yourself some DentCoin and relax. DENT is one of those coins that will take a little while before it catches on. The technology of Dent behind DentCoin hasn’t caught up yet with most of us in the world.

In short, Dent wants it available to all those who depend on data (or maybe not) can now buy data from those who have data to sell. If you have any extra data that you’d like to sell or even donate, Dent can make that possible.

US residents pay more than half for their data than residents in China.
The same amount of usage, some data company, two different prices.
Ridiculous indeed.

Anyway… DENT continues downward. Forty dollars can now get you around 167 thousand DentCoins. However, hold on… wait a minute. DENT may still drop in price a bit more before this is all over. That would be the better time to get a hold of DentCoin.

Dent has an awesome idea when it comes to users being able to start buying/selling data to other users. It just hasn’t caught on quite yet. The reason mainly is (IMO) that lack of marketing. Many people have never heard of cryptocurrency, let alone Dent (DENT).

Dent (DENT) will recover.
I believe their approach was weak and a different strategy is in order.
I believe a more aggressive stance is needed to get the attention Dent deserves.
Not just from corporations but from “everyday people” as well.

Know When to Sell

I sold my DentCoin around the middle of July for around $0.00254 per coin. I can’t exactly say what told me to do it… call it intuition; call it luck. All I know is that something inside me said, “Hey, the ride is over. Time to get off.”
So I did.

I sold every DentCoin that I had.
Made a decent profit.
Nothing to celebrate over. Since I had hope that better days were ahead with DentCoin, the profit I made was rather meaningless.

But I’ll keep it, just the same.

The only secret I can honestly give out that I personally do a regular basis is check on my coins; look for news articles.

Stay on-top of everything.
Ignore and listen to everybody.


DentCoin (DENT)


The Mysterious DentCoin (DENT)

What is DentCoin & what is it used for?

First of all let me mention that DentCoin is on the “Scam Alert” list and if that turns you away from investing, anybody with ANY common sense isn’t going to hold that against you. Who exactly put them on this list…? That’s another story. However, if you’re willing to brave the waters of DentCoin, well, you’re not alone. In fact, yours truly has invested in DentCoin and I’m keeping a watchful eye on this possible scandalous digital asset. [fingers crossed] Anyway, what is DentCoin and what it is used for is a common question. If anything at all, it is thee question of all questions.smartphone-569076_1920

The creators of DentCoin say their goal is to create an open marketplace to sell and buy mobile data.  If you’re not familiar with what mobile data is think of a WiFi router.

When using a WiFi router you’ll be able to access the Internet as long as you’re within its range. If you travel outside its range, you’ll lose your connection. Makes sense…right? Now, when you travel outside its range that’s when your mobile data kicks in. Got it?


This, however, can be rather expensive especially in the United States. An average cellphone plan with just 500MB of data costs around $85 within the US, whereas in China it’s around $24 and around $9 in the United Kingdom. Now this doesn’t include the outrageous fees Internet users could face if they use more data than what their plan calls for. In short, mobile data is expensive and DentCoin is looking to ease the pain.

The creators of DentCoin know that this won’t be an easy task. Mobile carrier’s such as Verizon, AT&T and T-Mobile make a killing and DentCoin wants to liberate mobile data and create a data sharing economy. If you’re part of this ecosystem you’ll be able to freely buy, sell, and donate mobile data.

** For example, someone in the UK could sell cheap excess data to someone in the US **

Users within the European Union, international roaming is actually not a problem for


Europeans, but it’s still a “pain-in-the-ass” for everyone else, and this includes Europeans who travel outside Europe.

This isn’t just for cellphones and tablets. This includes all IoT (Internet of Things) devices, including vehicles, home appliances, and other common items embedded with electronics, software, sensors, actuators, and connectivity which enables these things to connect and exchange data.


DentCoin is looking to make life a little easier on a global scale, unfortunately though there are people claiming that they may have taken a bite too BIG to chew.

We’ll see. [fingers crossed]