Are Octopuses Aliens?


It’s not surprising that well-respected members of the scientific community stated that this claim is “unscientific”, but they also said to find it “ridiculous” as well.

Octopuses Landed on Earth by Meteor

I have to admit, I like tickling the idea that octopuses came from space. If it were proven to be true, would we all be that surprised? I mean, these molluscs are highly intelligent and their nervous system is very complex. Not that being intelligent and having a sophisticated nervous system is proof enough to say that octopuses are not from Earth, but it’s their other abilities that may come into question.


I like tickling the idea that octopuses came from space.

What is so special about the octopus that would make 33 well-educated scientists from respected institutions from all over the world state such a claim?

You might be thinking, “Now I’ve heard everything” but wait a minute, you may have heard this claim once before.

That’s right.
There have been others, but they were authors, to be more accurate — fiction writers. However, there is a philosopher by the name of Peter Godfrey-Smith who who wrote a non-fiction book titled: Other Minds and wrote that octopuses are “the closest we will come to meeting an intelligent alien”.

Octopus Facts

  • Two Major Octopus Families
  • Extremely Intelligent
  • Has Eight (8) Arms (not tentacles)
  • Squirts Ink (for defense)
  • Has Three (3) Hearts
  • Can Change Color & Mimic Surroundings
  • Has Three (3) Means of Propulsion
  • Short Life Expectancy (less than a year)
  • octopus-259740_640Small Brains (bird like)
  • Consume Mostly Shellfish
  • Create “Gardens”
  • Regrow Lost Limbs
  • Are Extremely Flexible
  • Has Extremely Strong Suckers (not suction cups)
  • Can Be Extremely Dangerous (blue-ringed octopus)

Quite Possible; Highly Unlikely

Like I said, I like to fancy the thought that octopuses could be from another planet. Its eggs frozen within a meteor which then crash lands on the Earth over 450 million years ago. After that, Nature takes over. It’s highly unlikely but if Nature taught me one thing (from experience) anything is possible. I have high hopes and I’ll keep my fingers crossed but I’m not going to hold my breath.

Why would I like this theory to be true?
What do you mean…? Wouldn’t you?
I mean, I do believe that there is other life out there…somewhere and this would finally be the smoking gun that there is alien life and we are not alone.

These 33 scientists did some research and claim that there was a major explosion of octopuses 250 million years after what they call the Cambrian Explosion. However, OTHER well-respected professionals who are quite successful and well-known in the same fields of study feel quite differently about the hypothesis. One professional stated and pointed out that not one of these 33 professionals are a zoologist and there is not one shred of evidence that backs up this claim.

And there isn’t.

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