CannabisCoin Strikes Back!

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In Past 24hrs CannabisCoin Soars past a 200% Increase

CannabisCoin, in short, has been nothing to write about. That is, until recently. CannabisCoin saw a 216% price increase within the past twenty-four hours. It’s not the highest priced marijuana cryptocurrency, in fact, it ranks third with only Paragon and PotCoin doing only slightly better.


A new financial asset.

Digital assets is where the world is going. No matter who and what anybody tells you, cryptocurrency is here to stay. Central banks and other financial institutions may say something different, but it’s not always what people say that’s important — it’s watching what they do is key.

For Example:
JP Morgan/Chase Bank told its employees that if anyone was caught dealing in cryptocurrencies they would be immediately terminated.
That’s what they said.

However, what did JP Morgan/Chase Bank do?
They started dealing in cryptocurrencies. Not only dealing in cryptocurrencies but starting their own cryptocurrency as well.
Yeah, that happened.

Screenshot_2019-09-28 CannabisCoin (CANN) Price, Charts, Market Cap, Markets, Exchanges, CANN to USD Calculator $0 003322

What does this mean for CannabisCoin holders? Well, it could mean two (2) things IMO.

  1. Cash out. If you made more than your initial investment, or
  2. Hold out. Yeah, the price might go back down (chances are good), but this little rise…and I do mean “little” compared to what’s to come, is just a sign of what CannabisCoin and other marijuana cryptocurrencies are capable of.

Let us not forget. CannabisCoin is still down over 75% for the year. CannabisCoin’s ATH was not that long ago when on December 31, 2017 it hit $0.604913 per token. With that being said, CannabisCoin is close to being 400% up for the month. If this pattern keeps up month to month (meaning, stays in the green) CannabisCoin will be a marijuana cryptocurrency to be reckon with. It could quite possibly beat its ATH record, but don’t hold your breath.

What to expect from CannabisCoin? Brace yourself for a nose-dive in price. This is usually what happens after prices skyrocket suddenly and apparently for NO EXPLANATION. So if you’re going to act…act now.

For me, now is not the time to purchase CannabisCoin if you’re already a BIG time holder. However, if taking risks is what you live for…

Personally, I’m going to wait. If CannabisCoin goes back down I may have to consider purchasing. However, if things stay the way they are, well, I’ll just have to say that “I missed the boat.”

Currently, I’m only invested in PotCoin, but I am in the market for some other marijuana cryptocurrencies as well.



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