Pundi X

The Passenger Car in my X-Train

Loading Those Bags

I’ve been checking out Pundi X more than my other cryptos because I have a funny feeling that it’s going to make a jump. The price has been hanging around $0.0004 and .0007 since about December of 2018. Pundi X has danced around the prices going to $0.013, then back down to $0.008 only to rise back up to $0.014 in the months of May & June of 2018.

I purchased XRP & XLM and I have A LOT of confidence in these two cryptocurrencies. Maybe, for superstitious reasons, I feel Pundi X having the “X” in their name… I don’t know… it just called to me. You know that feeling…right? It’s a gut instinct had I have to go with it. I have purchased more Pundi X than any other cryptocurrency I have at the moment.

It’s going to rise again, only this time it’ll rise closer to $0.02 than ever before. It may hit $0.02 but it won’t stay there for long.

Why Pundi X?

More and more people are using or starting to get interested in digital currency and the numbers are rising every month. Digital currency is here to stay. Just accept it, man. Pundi X is going to make it easier for other cryptocurrencies to stabilize their payment ecosystem amid hyperinflation with their blockchain-based payment solution.image-3375235_1280

In Nigeria, XPOS is about to make it possible for those to purchase items using BitCoin. They will be the first in Africa! cryptocurrency-2903889_1280

I feel Pundi X has a great idea. Giving retailers, colleges and businesses the ability to exchange multiple cryptocurrencies. This is the kind of convenience that’s going to make Pundi X a valuable asset in the future. It’s not going to hit $100 a unit anytime soon, not even $50, but like the old saying goes, ‘Never, say Never’.  If I buy enough Pundi X (NPXS) I may not have to wait for it to hit 100 bucks. Purchase enough now, I could make out BIG when it hits just one cent.

And it will hit one cent in about two, maybe three years.

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