The Bull-Run has Started

Did you take my advice? Did you get into cryptocurrency? No…?
Well, it’s not too late…not yet. You better hurry though. Get into the “cryptocurrency game” now, before you’re made to later.

“Annnddd they’re off!”

I was told that the crypto bull-run started months ago. Things were happening ‘behind-the-scenes’ in regards to the cryptocurrency market. Things like deals, investments, planning — anything AND everything financial institutions need to do to prep up for the next financial system is being done in order to survive the transition.

So now we’re here. The flame has been turned up and the cryptocurrency market is about to boil over. Those of you who have been watching/waiting patiently (and anxiously) for this day to come can now semi-relax. The CRYPTO BULL-RUN is among us.

Don’t get Scared Away

This CRYPTO BULL-RUN won’t last forever, obviously, but don’t get tricked into thinking that it’s over immaturely. image-3375235_1280

Don’t get into thinking that ALL cryptocurrencies are going to do well during this CRYPTO BULL-RUN because that’s just not the case. Although it may be true that most current cryptocurrencies are probably going to do well momentarily, not many of them will be able to hold onto such a good fortune for a long length of time. No matter the intentions of a cryptocurrency, if there’s no “best-use-case” that cryptocurrency WILL NOT LAST. Period.

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