420 CRYPTOS — Locked Out of my PotWallet

Not a Good Way to Start Off a
YouTube Channel

PotCoin’s PotWallet having Major Problems

Suspicious Activity

not authorized - potwallet

I just opened the account in November of 2018.
You mean to tell me that my $50 investment has already been attacked by “suspicious activity” within two months after I opened a PotWallet account?

This doesn’t look good.
But I’m not giving up on them.


So finally, after sometime, PotCoin tweeted this out.

Now, from my understanding and I may be wrong, but PotCoin & PotWallet are two separate entities. Correct me if I’m wrong.

Below are the instructions on how to get back in sync with PotWallet

screenshot_2019-01-12 potcoin(1)

screenshot_2019-01-12 potcoin(2)

screenshot_2019-01-01 potwallet com 521 web server is down

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