Death Skull Asteroid

NASA Calls Asteroid 2015 TB145
The Great Pumpkin

Skull-like Asteroid that passed Earth in October 2015

A skull-like asteroid that only reflects 6% of the Sun’s light, was first discovered on October 10,  2015 and then flew by the Earth on Halloween. Well, now it is coming back for another fly-by visit in early November.

The asteroid has been officially named 2015 TB145, however, NASA has nicknamed this “death comet” THE GREAT PUMPKIN because it flew by on Halloween in 2015.

THE GREAT PUMPKIN asteroid is also called a “death comet” because “it is believed to be dead” (whatever that means?) and because of its peculiar skull shaped form.

This asteroid was picked up by radar from the Puerto Rico observatory Arecibo.

Nothing to Worry About

There’s no threat. It is not going to hit the Earth and annihilate millions of people. The closest the THE GREAT PUMPKIN asteroid will come to the Earth is around 24 million miles on this November 11, 2018.

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