The World is Going to End;
No Doubt


Asteroid(s) Impact

The world is going to end. Hopefully later rather than sooner. However, many still wonder how the end of the world is going to end. Truth is, there are a few ways the end of the world could come upon us. It’s a scary thought, but hey…it’s going to happen one way or another.


 1. Asteroid Impact


Science claims that this happened once before when dinosaurs ruled Earth. Science also claims that it’s happened quite a few times before that even. So what’s stopping it from ever happening again…? So far, nothing. Chances are that if the end of the world were to ever happen, an asteroid impact would be the cause. However, there are a few other theories that sound just as scary, or even worse. Depends on who you are I guess.

2. Swallowed Up by Sun


The sun is expanding, that we know. Why it’s expanding isn’t exactly understood. Many claim to know the reason, unfortunately none of the reasons seem straightforward enough to give a solid explanation.

Nice try, though.

3. Swallowed Up by Black Hole


Again with the swallowing??? Unlike the chance of being swallowed up by our Sun, claims warning us that Earth will be swallowed up by a black hole seems almost just as believable or unbelievable. What’s cool about this theory is that most believe a black hole could possibly be a worm hole to another part of space. So if a black hole does consume us all we need to do is hold on tight.

4. Rouge Planet


It’s bad enough to think that an asteroid could possibly annihilate the entire human population, but an entire planet…? C’mon already!
Well respected scholars and researchers have speculated for years that there is a rouge planet that passes through our solar system every 3600 years or so. The planet Nibiru (aka Planet ‘X’) is believed to be such a planet.

5. Nuclear War


Ah, yes. What kind of a DOOMSDAY list would this be without a good old fashion nuclear war scare, eh? If a nuclear war ever happens on the planet Earth, chances are it will end civilization as we know it. Those who don’t die, will slowly perish on the scorched Earth. It would take the greatest miracle of them all to help humankind survive a nuclear holocaust. There are no winners when it comes to a nuclear war.

6. Artificial Intelligence


It’s already here. If we humans aren’t careful we’re going to construct our obliteration. Artificial intelligence has already taken grasp of major privately owned technology businesses/companies and there’s no way to tell what they’re doing. Conspiracy theories have developed claiming that not only do these governments know what these corporations are doing but they’re also funding these shady programs with taxpayer money.

7. Diseases/Plagues


This deadly scenario is not only highly possible, but it has managed to give humanity a wake-up call on a few occasions.  Many fear a ‘Zombie Apocalypse’ is in our future. There have been a few cases where humans were acting Zombie like, however, these cases have been called out as mental-health issues and nothing to do with Zombies. So they say.

8. Synthetic Biology


Since we’ve been trying to master weaponizing synthetic biology we run the risk of causing an accidental synthetic biological disaster. If you’re unaware of what synthetic biology is, don’t be alarmed, there are many who share your ignorance. In short, synthetic biology consists of creating and studying new forms of life.

9. Ecological Collapse


It’s been warned to us over and over again that we’re killing Mother Earth. With plastic waste being a HUGE problem for the planet it’s only getting bigger. The amount of oil that’s been dumped in the oceans could supply the United States for a few years.

10. Climate Change


Climate change…? We’re back on that again? Unfortunately yes, however, still a possibility when it comes to doomsday and the planet Earth. Remember, planet Earth rotates around the sun in the “comfort zone”. Just a few degrees closer to the sun and we’ll burn up. Just a few degrees away and we’ll freeze. The way humans use the planet Earth as a garbage dump and living within their own waste, it’s a wonder that our Earth hasn’t rejected us yet.

 11. Biotechnology Disaster


The use of microbes (micro-organisms) to produce and process materials is called biotechnology. And yes, we’re quite capable of destroying ourselves in this fashion as well.
An example of biotechnology is the creation of antibiotics and little something called fermentation. The process in which milk turns into cheese, grapes turn into wine and dough turns into bread. However, it’s much more complicated on a larger scale than just turning ‘water-into-wine’.

12. Failed Science Experiments


Failed science experiments is how some nightmares get created. Everything from an Ebola breakout to a full force Zombie apocalypse. It’s been reported that mini-black holes are a lot easier to make than first thought. For some reason that just doesn’t sound good because mistakes do happen.

13. Alien Invasion


Some would even say that we’ve already been invaded…depends on who you ask. There are plenty of professionals in all sorts of studies throughout the world who believe in UFOs and extraterrestrials. Many more who refuse to step out of the shadows and admit that they believe.

Stephen Hawking believed in alien life on other planets. He felt that if we were ever visited by beings from another planet, chances are they will be hostile. He warns humans NOT to make contact. We’re not exactly sure what to expect when it comes to alien life. It could be an entire planet of biological beings with advancements in space travel, science & technology that would be totally beyond our comprehension;  or a simple one cell organism similar to bacteria. One thing is for certain, if they are biological beings, what would stop them from totally dominating the planet?

 14. Solar Flares/Gamma-Ray Exposure


The magnetic field the Earth is said to be giving off as the world rotates around the sun, protects us from such solar flares, gamma-rays and the deadly radiation that goes along with these natural occurrences. However, many believe that the protective layer in the ozone is wearing thin and the magnetic field won’t be enough to shield us from the deadly radiation.


15. Super-Volcano Eruptions


Now if the planet Earth was going to go out by way of volcano, as of right now it’s off to a good start. To what’s going on right now when it comes to  believing that the Earth could be destroyed by a volcano — seems to be very, very possible.

16.  Matrix Crash


If you’re a HUGE “Matrix Trilogy” fan then this end-of-the-world scenario may not surprise you as much than it would to the rest of the planet. In fact, although this may seem totally insane to most, it is the least surprising to say if it were proven to be true.


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