Believe It

I purchased the cryptocurrency named Ripple and more than likely I am going to be purchasing some more. Most people don’t understand cryptocurrency, myself included but I do understand that it is the future.


It was Bitcoin that started it all.

It was Bitcoin that started it all, but for a lot of us the price tag on Bitcoin is far out of reach. Especially on something as mysterious but very exciting like cryptocurrency — not to mention risky!

Like most great things in life, risk is involved. The California Gold Rush is a fine example. Many people lost everything including their lives trying to make it rich. Some people thought that the idea of traveling across the United States to dig for gold was crazy.

The same goes for cryptocurrency with the exception of risking your life. There’s very little to no chance of you losing your life over cryptocurrency. In fact, I guarantee you that you will live.

Remember now, when paper and coin money was first introduced into the United States everybody thought that it would never work. When the idea that you could write down on a piece paper how much money that piece of paper was worth people laughed at the thought. People especially lost it when credit cards became available. Are you kidding me? This plastic card is worth money…? I can even spend money I don’t have…? Wait, what?

Seriously, this is the future. Even if you don’t buy into a cryptocurrency, you will eventually have to. Yes, this is true. The United States dollar will be a cryptocurrency soon. It will act and function just like all the other cryptocurrencies. In fact, it already does. The value of the dollar goes up and down…right? So does cryptocurrency.

I’m telling you, cryptocurrency will be here a lot sooner than you think. Here’s a “heads-up” — Warren Buffet got into cryptocurrency — what’s that tell you?

Here’s a something you might find interesting. Chase Bank told its employees that if they got into cryptocurrency they would be fired. Months later, according to Jon Buck who writes for CoinTelegraph.Com, JP Morgan got into cryptocurrency. JP Morgan owns Chase Bank. What’s that tell you?


Ripple is the choice for me.

Why Ripple?

Honestly, because right now it’s cheap. Less than sixty-three cents a coin, give or take a penny.

Do the research yourself, by no means am I trying to convince you. Check your history, check about JP Morgan and Chase Bank. Check on Warren Buffet. Check out how Mr. Buffet claims that the cryptocurrency market is going to crash only to invest millions of dollars into Ripple. Check out how Ashton Kutcher surprised Ellen DeGeneres on her show with a four million Ripple donation. What’s it going to take to convince you? Don’t let ignorance stop you – cryptocurrency may be a little difficult to understand at first, but so does learning a foreign language.

Storing Cryptocurrency

You can store your cryptocurrency on a computer, on a paper wallet or on an electric wallet. I recommend the electric wallet. The Nano S Ledger to be exact. I have one. Computers crash, passwords get stolen, paper catches fire and can easily get blown away — the electric wallet is much more secure in my opinion.


Cryptocurrency is unregulated, meaning it is not controlled or supervised by anyone, which means the only ones who knows what you’re doing is you and whomever you’re dealing with.



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