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If you’re into marijuana cryptocurrencies then you’ve probably heard of Paragon (aka Paragon Coin). Jessica VerSteeg, CEO of Paragon, has been reported as to “fleeing the United States”.

Doesn’t sound good, does it?
Well, it isn’t.

VerSteeg, 32, b. Sept. 14, 1987, was crowned Miss Iowa in 2014. She’s a known model and is a popular American entrepreneur… well, for the wrong reason but popular none-the-less.

Now, crypto prices fluctuate I understand this, however, watching Paragon prices just seem a little… peculiar (putting it mildly). In fact, on New Years Eve in Germany people went to bed at $0.30 per coin and woke up to it being valued at ten bucks. What the…?

This isn’t the first time we’ve seen Paragon skyrocket in price — only to crash and burn a short time later. Paragon keeps on going. They’ve been taken to court, sanctioned by the SEC and still see a 6800% price rise on the Russian exchange YORBIT…? (say what???)  YORBIT currently has ParagonCoin above $2.25, however, American exchange CoinMarketCap.Com has Paragon listed at around twenty-five cents.

Screenshot_2019-10-11 Paragon Coin - Google Search(1)

ParagonCoin — PRG

Don’t get me wrong, I love a good drama, especially in “real-time”. And since I have NOT invested in Paragon, I can enjoy it that much better. I was close, I was close. No doubt. Something told me to hold off. Glad I listened to that little voice.

The marijuana cryptocurrency is in stress as it is, and then this happens? However, instead of it being a tool used against marijuana cryptocurrency and cryptocurrency in itself, it was used as an example and a keystone to improve and enforce of “what NOT to do” and “what is NOT allowed”. After the SEC sanctioned Paragon, it sees a 6800% price increase on the Russian exchange Yorbit. It seems investors in ParagonCoin went to sleep New Years Eve and then woke up to this marijuana cryptocurrency rise from thirty cents to ten bucks! WHOA!


So, let me get this straight. After all the court cases and legal battles, sanctioned by the SEC, fleeing the United States & ParagonCoin still rises 6800%… from thirty cents to ten bucks?

Something Shady

Come on… you got to be kidding. Right? How is it that ParagonCoin is still in operation? And on top off that, see a 6800% rise in price?

Let’s not forget that rapper, The Game was thrown under the bus by Lavrov & VerSteeg. It wasn’t until recently that rapper, The Game was cleared and found not only innocent of any wrongdoing, but called a victim instead.

Lavrov & VerSteeg have now fled the US and terminated most of their social media accounts. It has been reported that the couple may have fled to a small town or village where Lavrov grew up. This is unconfirmed since Lavrov was born in Moscow.

Lavrov is reported as to be living currently in the Dominican Republic and still operates business in:

  • Miami, Florida
  • Madrid, Spain
  • Panama City, Panama
  • San Juan, Puerto Rico
  • Lima, Peru
  • Guayaquil, Ecuador
  • Petion-Ville, Haiti

I suggest, without any proof and/or evidence, that Mr. Igor Lavrov is being watched very, very closely by the proper authorities.


Dent (DENT) Continues Downward

DENT Article Filler

Dent (DENT) Will Bounce Back

Want to make a quick buck or two? Get yourself some DentCoin and relax. DENT is one of those coins that will take a little while before it catches on. The technology of Dent behind DentCoin hasn’t caught up yet with most of us in the world.

In short, Dent wants it available to all those who depend on data (or maybe not) can now buy data from those who have data to sell. If you have any extra data that you’d like to sell or even donate, Dent can make that possible.

US residents pay more than half for their data than residents in China.
The same amount of usage, some data company, two different prices.
Ridiculous indeed.

Anyway… DENT continues downward. Forty dollars can now get you around 167 thousand DentCoins. However, hold on… wait a minute. DENT may still drop in price a bit more before this is all over. That would be the better time to get a hold of DentCoin.

Dent has an awesome idea when it comes to users being able to start buying/selling data to other users. It just hasn’t caught on quite yet. The reason mainly is (IMO) that lack of marketing. Many people have never heard of cryptocurrency, let alone Dent (DENT).

Dent (DENT) will recover.
I believe their approach was weak and a different strategy is in order.
I believe a more aggressive stance is needed to get the attention Dent deserves.
Not just from corporations but from “everyday people” as well.

Know When to Sell

I sold my DentCoin around the middle of July for around $0.00254 per coin. I can’t exactly say what told me to do it… call it intuition; call it luck. All I know is that something inside me said, “Hey, the ride is over. Time to get off.”
So I did.

I sold every DentCoin that I had.
Made a decent profit.
Nothing to celebrate over. Since I had hope that better days were ahead with DentCoin, the profit I made was rather meaningless.

But I’ll keep it, just the same.

The only secret I can honestly give out that I personally do a regular basis is check on my coins; look for news articles.

Stay on-top of everything.
Ignore and listen to everybody.


Paragon Price Plummets…

…then it rises, then it plummets, then it rises again only to plummet once more.

Screenshot_2019-10-24 r ParagonCoin - PARAGON COIN Update JESSICA VERSTEEG and YEGOR LAVROV have sold their Paragon Space b[...]


It’s surely to rise again…right…?

 If you’re familiar with what’s been going on with Paragon, price fluctuation such as this isn’t that surprising…to say the least.

If you’re feeling lucky enough by buying in at two (2) cents per coin now, then in a few days (maybe a couple of weeks), selling off when the price hits around thirty (30) cents, forty (40) cents, possibly even around sixty (60) cents per coin? Psst…nobody’s that lucky.

But it could happen.

Screenshot_2019-10-11 Paragon Coin - Google Search(1)

CEO Jessica VerSteeg; Former Miss Iowa, 2014

CEO Flees United States

Paragon CEO Jessica VerSteeg; Former Miss Iowa 2014, has apparently fled the US after Paragon failed to pay back the millions of dollars to its investors as promised.

VerSteeg is not alone. She is accompanied with her husband & partner-in-crime, multi-millionaire Yegor Lavrov, who has been considered a Russian genius since the age of sixteen (16).

They apparently fled sometime in May of 2019. A few Instagram pictures show that they did a bit of traveling. Although now some say that the couple have “gone dark” because now it’s not really known exactly where they could be. A few have speculated that VerSteeg and Lavrov have gone into hiding taking refuge in a small town or village near where Lavrov grew up.

Screenshot_2019-10-24 Paragon (PRG) Price, Charts, Market Cap, Markets, Exchanges, PRG to USD Calculator $0 022770(1)

Do you think the price could skyrocket any day now?

CEO Throws ex-Partner to the Wolves

After seeing the inside of courtroom more times than anyone should, VerSteeg each time would state that everything has worked out. Something as if “both sides” had a learning experience and that she was grateful and satisfied with the outcome; looking forward to getting back to work — some crap like that. (don’t quote me). Not mentioning that that the final outcome was NOT in favor of Paragon. Something like a hefty fine was issued…and I do mean hefty. I could be wrong. Probably not, though.

Anyway, The Game was having his own legal trouble as well. It seems VerSteeg & Lavrov threw The Game “under-the-bus”, so to speak. The Game doesn’t know anything, and yet, he was left behind to answer questions he surely didn’t know the answer to.

Eventually proven in a court-of-law, The Game was found innocent and is much a victim in this whole debacle than any other investor. If not, more so.

Screenshot_2019-09-28 Jessica VerSteeg on Instagram “When your housekeeper says she is leaving the US because of Donald I g[...]

Former Miss Iowa 2014 Jessica VerSteeg

VerSteeg eventually partnered with rapper, The Game. His notoriety would surely rise the price of Paragon (aka ParagonCoin; PRG).

And it did.
Just as VerSteeg and Lavrov was hoping for.

Screenshot_2019-10-24 r ParagonCoin - PARAGON COIN Update JESSICA VERSTEEG and YEGOR LAVROV have sold their Paragon Space b[...](2)

Screenshot_2019-10-24 r ParagonCoin - PARAGON COIN Update JESSICA VERSTEEG and YEGOR LAVROV have sold their Paragon Space b[...](3)

Screenshot_2019-10-24 r ParagonCoin - PARAGON COIN Update JESSICA VERSTEEG and YEGOR LAVROV have sold their Paragon Space b[...](4)



Screenshot_2019-10-24 Paragon (PRG) Price, Charts, Market Cap, Markets, Exchanges, PRG to USD Calculator $0 022770(1)


Screenshot_2019-10-24 Paragon (PRG) Price, Charts, Market Cap, Markets, Exchanges, PRG to USD Calculator $0 020293

Would you risk $40 to make over $1,000?








Paragon Skyrockets OVER 4,000%

For the Past Seven (7) Days Paragon has been on the Rise & Nobody Says a Word?

Screenshot_2019-10-11 Paragon Coin - Google Search(1)

Founder/CEO Jessica VerSteeg photo:ParagonCoin Logo

ParagonCoin, or just simply “Paragon”, was founded by beauty queen, former Miss Iowa 2014, Jessica VerSteeg. She was also a contestant on the television program “The Amazing Race”. She founded the company AuBox inspired by the death of her late ex-boyfriend, former NFL player for the New York Giants for the years of 2011-2012 as safety, Tyler Sash. It should also be known that the Stash family is totally against VerSteeg “tying his name to a marijuana venture”.

Tyler Sash passed away due to an accidental opioid overdose. Sash complained often of major headaches and pains to VerSteeg while they were dating and even suggested the use of marijuana instead of the prescribed medication. VerSteeg was against the idea. There’s a speculation that Sash and VerSteeg had a domestic dispute which VerSteeg ended up in the hospital. That’s when and where she decided to end the relationship.

It’s ironic, that not only did VerSteeg suggest to Tyler Sash not try marijuana to treat his pain, but at the time of Sash’s death VerSteeg was not only smoking marijuana… she was selling it.

Unbeknown to Sash, he was suffering from stage 2 chronic traumatic encephalopathy (CTE). With his pain and suffering increasing, his opioid addiction continued.  His abuse eventually caught up to him. Tyler Sash passed away September 8, 2015 at the age of 27 in Oskaloosa, Iowa.

Screenshot_2019-10-11 Marijuana for Chronic Traumatic Encephalopathy Marijuana Doctors

A paragraph in an article published @MarijuanaDoctors.Com gave some hope to the illness stating:
Your ECS is the largest neurotransmitter system in your body. The active compounds THC and CBD in cannabis engage your ECS, giving them therapeutic effects. Although there’s limited research on the effects cannabinoids have on CTE, some research does demonstrate they could reduce the brain’s oxidative stress following a traumatic brain injury. They also work like a neuroprotectant, reducing neurological impairment and swelling, thereby reducing damage to the brain and facilitating recovery.

Many companies are studying the possible neuroprotective properties of cannabinoids. Additionally, the U.S. Department of Health filed Patent No. 6630507 asserting CBD is a neuroprotective antioxidant. This patent affirms cannabinoids can prevent brain trauma damage.

“Anyway, I’m just saying…”

Has anyone seen Jessica VerSteeg? Are there anybody interested in her whereabouts? That is, besides the investors. I mean, last we heard she fled the United States with her  husband, Egor Lavrov. Lavrov was a 16-year-old genius who grew up and became a multimillionaire due to his technological skills. It’s been reported that VerSteeg and Lavrov have gone “dark” deleting most of their social media accounts. Rumor has it that they’re kicking it around Egor’s old stomping grounds.

Let’s not forget that Paragon is by no means, unfamiliar with court proceedings. The most recent information on Paragon and a court proceeding was published in an article dated back 9/18/19 @TheBlockCrypto.Com where they stated that, “Since August 2017, the blockchain company, ‘ICOBox’, allegedly facilitated tokens sales for over 30 clients, raising more than $650 million, and earning significant fees as a part of that process. At least one of those sales, per the SEC, for Paragon Coin, Inc., was a securities offering under the Howey Test.” & “exposing thousands of investors to risky investments without providing the necessary information and protections required by the federal securities laws“.

Back on 9/4/18, according to @BizNow.Com, where they stated that “a class-action lawsuit was filed against VerSteeg and her husband, Egor Lavrov, claiming that Paragon violated the U.S. Securities Act as an unregistered security and that Paragon sold about $70M worth of ParagonCoin tokens“.

There’s a lawsuit that “claims ICOBox breached securities law when it raised $14.6 million in its own ICO in 2017 by failing to register the offering as a security as is required under the Securities Act of 1933. In a twist to previous SEC ICO lawsuits, ICOBox is also alleged to have breached securities law by acting as an unregistered broker for other digital asset offerings” according to @SiliconeAngel.Com


Unfortunately, rapper The Game got involved with Jessica VerSteeg. It seems that his “status” as a celebrity was used to promote the Paragon project. So, on 8/11/17 when an article was published announcing that The Game was officially affiliated with Paragon, within a year The Game was being sued for being “named as a member of the advisory board of Paragon.”  As it’s published on @LiveBitCoinNews.Com 6/28/18 claiming “While it is true Paragon successfully raised money during an ICO, the money was spent in a very different manner. It appears real estate has been purchased with the money. As such, it would appear the creators of this project enriched themselves, first and foremost. Deceived investors are not too pleased with these developments and demand their money back, for obvious reasons.” The Game was facing charges ranging up to the MULTI-MILLIONS!

Meanwhile, Jessica VerSteeg & Egor Lavrov fled the United States:

Screenshot_2019-10-11 ParagonCoin's Jessica VerSteeg + Egor Lavrov Fled The Country

The month came and gone and not a word.

That made The Game a sitting target. He didn’t know what was going on. The Game was used as a “fall guy” while VerSteeg & Lavrov made their escape.

Or did they…?

Recently…well, actually this morning I realized that Paragon (PRG), sometimes refereed to as ParagonCoin, had increased in price by over 4,000% making it a 1,742.71% increase for the year. Strange thing is that some crypto exchanges aren’t claiming such an increase.  With everything that’s going on with Paragon don’t you find that quite odd? I suspect the price will drop immensely by evening… or has it already?
For example:

Screenshot_2019-10-11 Paragon (PRG) Price, Charts, Market Cap, Markets, Exchanges, PRG to USD Calculator



Screenshot_2019-10-11 Paragon (PRG) price, charts, market cap, and other metrics CoinMarketCap


So, like I asked before…. what’s going on with Paragon?


420 NEWS: CannabisCoin Goes Low(er)

CannabisCoin Strikes Back…?

More Like CannabisCoin Strikes Out!


What the hell happened…? Seriously…what just happened with CannabisCoin? Not sure what happened (just yet). Maybe we won’t ever know what happened.
But for some, it may never be forgotten — good or bad times.

Screenshot_2019-09-28 CannabisCoin (CANN) Price, Charts, Market Cap, Markets, Exchanges, CANN to USD Calculator $0 003318

It was a like a scene from Jaws.
I should have heard the theme in my subconscious background, but for some reason my common sense wasn’t tuning it in.

If you weren’t expecting it, it’d probably come as a major disappointment. But for some of us, we knew the party wouldn’t last. Unfortunately, the “party trashed the house” and now, some are with even less than before the price spike happened.

You can say it…go ahead.
“It’s Bullshit!”

However, that’s the way the cookie crumbles.

But really, how do feel about investing in a company whose founder/creator prefers to stay anonymous and  goes by a “code-name”? The founder/creator of CannabisCoin goes under three digital names:

  • DeltaNine
  • D9
  • Ty

How’s that for trustworthiness? Notability? Honor?
It could be the reason why we occasionally see price drops like this.
It could be. Anonymity doesn’t help when your goal is to have  legalized marijuana in the United States.
Screenshot_2019-09-29 CannabisCoin (CANN) Price, Charts, Market Cap, Markets, Exchanges, CANN to USD Calculator $0 000966

CannabisCoin isn’t the only marijuana cryptocurrency whose founder/developer/creator lurks in the shadows. PotCoin, who comes out of Canada, is another. Although the PotCoin website states that Joel Yaffe is the founder, a prior Wikipedia page shows that there are three. They go by the nicknames:

  • Hasoshi
  • Mr. Jones
  • Smokemon 514
Screenshot_2019-09-29 PotCoin - Wikipedia

Founders of CannabisCoin and PotCoin obviously feel more comfortable remaining anonymous.

What’s CannabisCoin all about?

  • CannabisCoin is a peer-to-peer cryptocurrency which connects well-trusted, licensed and registered marijuana dispensaries and enables them to sell marijuana in states, counties, cities and towns where it is legal.
  • It was designed to resolve payment problems for the marijuana sellers. Since most financial institutions depend on the federal  government to stay in business they simply, absolutely will not do business with companies who deal with a federally illegal product such as marijuana.

    Hemp is LEGAL in the United States since the 2018 Farm Bill signed by
    President Donald Trump. However, this hasn’t legalized marijuana.

  • The developers had first stated that 1 coin of the CannabisCoin cryptocurrency, called CANN, would be equivalent to 1 gram of cannabis. I don’t believe that’s still the case but it’s pretty gnarly none-the-less.
  • CannabisCoin developers started the very successful movement called “Yes We CANN”. It’s mostly about wherein medical marijuana dispensaries would be able to provide safe, affordable, good quality cannabis at the rate of 1 CANN per gram of cannabis. The marijuana that was sold during the movement was called CANNdy.
  • Unfortunately, CannabisCoin is a Proof-of-Work cryptocurrency, which means it’s slightly flawed. However, being that it’s based on the “BitCoin protocol”, CannabisCoin made a few tweaks of their own to help deal with future problems.
  • CannabisCoin was specifically made to target a group of people who consume marijuana for not only medicinal purposes but recreational enjoyment  as well.
  • CannabisCoin is easy to mine.
  • Cannabis strains grown specifically for CannabisCoin by growers or strains kept aside by growers and merchants for sale during the ” 1 CANN for 1 gram” special. I think another event may be in the future.


The Legalization of Marijuana will eventually come. The United States is missing out on so much ca$h it’s almost ridiculous. The two countries that are above and below the United States (Canada & Mexico) have legalized marijuana (with exceptions, of course), but plans are being made in these two great countries that will soon make the US join the rest of the continent and it will become legalized and regulated much like alcohol is monitored today. The United States will jump on board…eventually.

And it will be glorious!


She Gone

Did Jessica VerSteeg and her husband, Egor Lavrov Flee the United States?

Screenshot_2019-09-28 Jessica VerSteeg on Instagram “When your housekeeper says she is leaving the US because of Donald I g[...]

Screenshot_2019-09-28 jessica versteeg fled the US at DuckDuckGo

Rapper “Game” was Thrown Under the Bus

CEO of Paragon, Jessica VerSteeg and rapper Game decided to partner up. A couple of years later, Game was regretting his decision. It seems Paragon landed itself in court a couple of times and although Paragon claims that everything was cleared-up, others would say something different… like the court transcripts.

VerSteeg was confident in interviews, on camera as well as on paper, saying everything that an investor wanted to hear. The “ear-candy” went well with the “eye-candy”, I mean, she was Miss Iowa 2014…right? Of course she’s beautiful. However, being beautiful doesn’t necessarily mean honest now, does it?

No it doesn’t.
It seems that up until August 27th, 2019, VerSteeg and Lavrov acted as though everything was going according to what was expected of them.

They even said the following:

Yeah, we’ll process refunds starting end of the month. Wait until then.

Well, guess what happened when the end of the month came…?
Yep. You guessed it.
ParagonCoin’s “Queen of Weed” Jessica Versteeg and her Russian genius of a husband Egor Lavrov have gone off the grid. That’s right, my friends.

Jessica VerSteeg & Egor Lavrov have gone dark.

If you’re still not catching on, let me help you.

Paragon is missing a lot of the investors money.
Speaking of missing, Jessica VerSteeg & Egor Lavrov have gone missing as well…with around $70M.
Game was left behind to face the complaints and ridicules.
Got it?

Rumor has it that VerSteeg and Lavrov have gone into hiding located somewhere in Russia. Game has since been cleared of any wrong doing.

CannabisCoin Strikes Back!

Screenshot_2019-09-28 Cryptocurrency Research Platform Coin Market Capitalizations Top 100 Cryptocurrencies Coinpaprika

In Past 24hrs CannabisCoin Soars past a 200% Increase

CannabisCoin, in short, has been nothing to write about. That is, until recently. CannabisCoin saw a 216% price increase within the past twenty-four hours. It’s not the highest priced marijuana cryptocurrency, in fact, it ranks third with only Paragon and PotCoin doing only slightly better.


A new financial asset.

Digital assets is where the world is going. No matter who and what anybody tells you, cryptocurrency is here to stay. Central banks and other financial institutions may say something different, but it’s not always what people say that’s important — it’s watching what they do is key.

For Example:
JP Morgan/Chase Bank told its employees that if anyone was caught dealing in cryptocurrencies they would be immediately terminated.
That’s what they said.

However, what did JP Morgan/Chase Bank do?
They started dealing in cryptocurrencies. Not only dealing in cryptocurrencies but starting their own cryptocurrency as well.
Yeah, that happened.

Screenshot_2019-09-28 CannabisCoin (CANN) Price, Charts, Market Cap, Markets, Exchanges, CANN to USD Calculator $0 003322

What does this mean for CannabisCoin holders? Well, it could mean two (2) things IMO.

  1. Cash out. If you made more than your initial investment, or
  2. Hold out. Yeah, the price might go back down (chances are good), but this little rise…and I do mean “little” compared to what’s to come, is just a sign of what CannabisCoin and other marijuana cryptocurrencies are capable of.

Let us not forget. CannabisCoin is still down over 75% for the year. CannabisCoin’s ATH was not that long ago when on December 31, 2017 it hit $0.604913 per token. With that being said, CannabisCoin is close to being 400% up for the month. If this pattern keeps up month to month (meaning, stays in the green) CannabisCoin will be a marijuana cryptocurrency to be reckon with. It could quite possibly beat its ATH record, but don’t hold your breath.

What to expect from CannabisCoin? Brace yourself for a nose-dive in price. This is usually what happens after prices skyrocket suddenly and apparently for NO EXPLANATION. So if you’re going to act…act now.

For me, now is not the time to purchase CannabisCoin if you’re already a BIG time holder. However, if taking risks is what you live for…

Personally, I’m going to wait. If CannabisCoin goes back down I may have to consider purchasing. However, if things stay the way they are, well, I’ll just have to say that “I missed the boat.”

Currently, I’m only invested in PotCoin, but I am in the market for some other marijuana cryptocurrencies as well.



Find Marijuana Cryptocurrencies at Www.CoinPaprika.Com

Did Your Favorite Marijuana Cryptocurrency Make the Cut?

In case you haven’t noticed, but CoinPaprika has cut their list of marijuana cryptocurrencies nearly in half.Screenshot_2019-09-26 coinpaprika-tittiecoin png (PNG Image, 540 × 360 pixels)

So, if you’re a fan or a holder of CannabisCoin (CANN) you’d find it saddening that CoinPaprika has started paying closer attention to CannabisCoin and others such as BlazerCoin and Bubo to name just a few.

Coins similar to BlazerCoin have a notice at the top of their CoinPaprika data sheet saying the following:

Screenshot_2019-09-26 BlazerCoin (BLAZR) Price, Charts, Market Cap, Markets, Exchanges, BLAZR to USD Calculator

Many other marijuana cryptocurrencies have a similar notice near the heading.

Screenshot_2019-09-26 Cryptocurrency Research Platform Coin Market Capitalizations Top 100 Cryptocurrencies Coinpaprika(2)

Here’s what the list looks like today.

Screenshot_2019-09-26 Beelzebub Rocks

Here’s what the list use to look like.



Is BlazerCoin (BLAZR) a Good Investment?

Screenshot_2019-09-24 BlazerCoin (BLAZR) Price, Charts, Market Cap, Markets, Exchanges, BLAZR to USD Calculator

So far, in the month of September, we see these unimpressive numbers from BlazerCoin (BLAZR). Photo taken from CoinPaprika.Com

I can’t help but think that BlazerCoin just may be a diamond in the rough. And when I say “rough”, I do mean… ROUGH! Any logical “average Joe” investor would take one look at BlazerCoin (BLAZR) and say that not only is it a risky investment but more than likely a terrible investment. However, with that being said, what’s this attraction I feel towards BlazerCoin?

BlazerCoin is a Cool Name

First of all, you have to admit, BlazerCoin is a pretty cool name. It’s crypto name can be found under the code “BLAZR“, which is also pretty cool…right? But you’d have to be an idiot to throw money into a cryptocurrency simply because of its name, especially a marijuana-based crypto.

However, many people have won a ton of money on a simple horse-race, simply based on fate. Many, first-time bettors will pick a horse because they liked the name, no matter what the odds have been stacked against the horse, and won. Not just win — they win BIG!

Now horse-racing and the crypto market are two totally different things. I understand. I’m just saying “the sun shines on…”
… well, you know how the saying goes.

How Cheap is BlazerCoin?

It’s pretty darn cheap, however trying to purchase some BlazerCoin that’s seems pretty tricky. And by “tricky” I don’t mean a little “scammish”, no, I mean as in “not so easy”.

BlazerCoin is listed on two exchanges with a total of eight active markets.


Screenshot_2019-09-24 BlazerCoin (BLAZR) Price, Charts, Market Cap, Markets, Exchanges, BLAZR to USD Calculator(1)

As you can see in the photo above, BlazerCoin is at $0.00000039 (that’s freakin’ cheap). With $100 you can purchase 256,410,256.410256 BlazerCoins. If BlazerCoin would to ever hit $1 a token… well, you can do the math. Even if it hit 10 cents ( a measly dime) you’d still be sitting pretty.

The question is, “will BlazerCoin’s price rise when the legalization of marijuana in the United States is federalized?” When marijuana does become federally legal in the United States, whose to say that BlazerCoin will rise in price? Is there a chance that it would stay stagnant? It’s a risk not many are willing to take, would be my guess.

With that being said, I am a risk taker.
I tell myself, “Go For It!”

Why is BlazerCoin so Cheap?

My guess is because of its unpopularity. It’s not well known among those who are in to cryptocurrency on a regular, normal basis. Only those who most likely know the crypto market ‘backwards-and-forwards’. Marijuana based cryptocurrencies such as BlazerCoin, SativaCoin and even PotCoin, in most cases, are not only frowned upon but they are considered very HIGH RISK cryptocurrencies.

Another question that’s brought up concerning marijuana cryptos, is what are their “best-use-case“? What’s stopping a cryptocurrency carrier from purchasing at a cannabis dispensary using a more popular crypto such as XRP, Stellar or even BitCoin? Instead of using a marijuana based cryptocurrency, why not use a more commonly known and trusted cryptocurrency?

Although these are valid questions, I can’t fully support BlazerCoin (or any other marijuana based cryptocurrency, for that matter) until I receive information of what is the “best-use-case” when using a cryptocurrency that’s marijuana based. Until then, I approach with extreme caution.

BlazerCoin was created for the recreational use of marijuana for the cannabis industry and was launched in April of 2017 as a proof-of-work cryptocurrency. I am having a difficult time finding the founder(s) of BlazerCoin on my own just by using a search engine, so my research is about to go even deeper into BlazerCoin.

My Future with BlazerCoin

Screenshot_2019-09-24 Cryptocurrency Research Platform Coin Market Capitalizations Top 100 Cryptocurrencies Coinpaprika

According to the Beezlebub Favorite List, BlazerCoin comes in last. Hopefully that might change someday. photo taken from CoinPaprika.Com

I do hope sincerely that BlazerCoin will be able to be purchased through the online brokerage firm, eTrade one day… but I’m not going to hold my breath.

How to Purchase BlazerCoin

I’m not sure, but I’m thinking that I read somewhere that BlazerCoin gives you the option of downloading “their wallet” onto your computer and then you’ll be able to store your BlazerCoin there. I’m still looking into this.

Is the BlazerWallet supposedly similar to that of PotWallet.Com? I have a PotWallet account and I do store all my PotCoin there. I find it easy to understand and navigate throughout my PotWallet account.

As I have said, there’s some sort of an attraction that I have towards BlazerCoin and I’m getting “good vibes” from it when I’m researching it and I will continue to do so. I do find it troubling that I cannot find the founder/creator of BlazerCoin.

Screenshot_2019-09-24 BlazerCoin (BLAZR) Price, Charts, Market Cap, Markets, Exchanges, BLAZR to USD Calculator $0 000076

photo taken from CoinPaprika.Com


BlazerCoin has gone up in price while writing this blog. BlazerCoin is now at $0.000007553 and has also regained its #1 spot on the Beelzebub Favorite List.

Screenshot_2019-09-24 Cryptocurrency Research Platform Coin Market Capitalizations Top 100 Cryptocurrencies Coinpaprika(1)





A Good Bet on a “rather new”  Marijuana Cryptocurrency?

— Of all marijuana cryptocurrencies, Tokes is one of the few that’s doing rather well. Compared to the other cannabis related coins, Tokes is looking as though it ranks supreme. —

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Here are lists of the most common marijuana cryptocurrencies.

ATTN: Some may not currently be available on most digital asset exchanges.

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What’s Special with Tokes?

The head honchos over at Tokes are addressing a problem that has to do with banking. Most banks and credit unions will not take in US dollar currency because marijuana is illegal on a federal level. Banks will not take in funds that are associated with an illegal product. Make sense? That’s where Tokes wants to step in.

Wait a minute, these guys don’t want to stop there. They have other plans going on in their heads. Such as developing a Medical Marijuana Enterprise (MME) and rule over the medical marijuana market. I mean, might as well…right?

An interesting aspect that caught my attention is that Tokes wants to lobby politically on behalf of Tokes non-profit section of the business for the marijuana industry. They feel they can enhance the quality of products by becoming as transparent as possible. This includes working with communities to learn more about marijuana and make aware of how socially acceptable it has become.

Still Doing the Research

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I am not a financial advisor. This is not financial advice. This is for entertainment purposes only

I’m still doing my research on Tokes and the platform that they have running. Tokes is now worth $0.137914 at the time I’m writing this article. It’s worth way more than PotCoin, HempCoin, Paragon, DopeCoin, and Cannabis Coin added together.

I’ve been thinking.
Once again it has to do with the whole “best-use-case” scenario I’ve been bringing up in previous articles. Former President Bill Clinton is an XRP investor. He recognizes that XRP is the greatest digital asset ever created. That’s because XRP has a pretty good best-use-case and that, my friends, is speed. Bill Clinton knows where the money is at.

The time it takes BitCoin and most other cryptocurrencies to complete a transaction, which is usually between 30 minutes and three hours, takes Ripple/XRP just seconds.

If marijuana were to become legal and Former President Bill Clinton were to take up farming hemp, cannabis & marijuana. What’s stopping him from using XRP to handle his agriculture expenses and not investing in and using Tokes?
What’s the benefit in using Tokes for the hemp agriculture industry? Will the marijuana industry accept non cannabis related coins and tokens?

More on this.


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