DentCoin (DENT)


The Mysterious DentCoin (DENT)

What is DentCoin & what is it used for?

First of all let me mention that DentCoin is on the “Scam Alert” list and if that turns you away from investing, anybody with ANY common sense isn’t going to hold that against you. Who exactly put them on this list…? That’s another story. However, if you’re willing to brave the waters of DentCoin, well, you’re not alone. In fact, yours truly has invested in DentCoin and I’m keeping a watchful eye on this possible scandalous digital asset. [fingers crossed] Anyway, what is DentCoin and what it is used for is a common question. If anything at all, it is thee question of all questions.smartphone-569076_1920

The creators of DentCoin say their goal is to create an open marketplace to sell and buy mobile data.  If you’re not familiar with what mobile data is think of a WiFi router.

When using a WiFi router you’ll be able to access the Internet as long as you’re within its range. If you travel outside its range, you’ll lose your connection. Makes sense…right? Now, when you travel outside its range that’s when your mobile data kicks in. Got it?


This, however, can be rather expensive especially in the United States. An average cellphone plan with just 500MB of data costs around $85 within the US, whereas in China it’s around $24 and around $9 in the United Kingdom. Now this doesn’t include the outrageous fees Internet users could face if they use more data than what their plan calls for. In short, mobile data is expensive and DentCoin is looking to ease the pain.

The creators of DentCoin know that this won’t be an easy task. Mobile carrier’s such as Verizon, AT&T and T-Mobile make a killing and DentCoin wants to liberate mobile data and create a data sharing economy. If you’re part of this ecosystem you’ll be able to freely buy, sell, and donate mobile data.

** For example, someone in the UK could sell cheap excess data to someone in the US **

Users within the European Union, international roaming is actually not a problem for


Europeans, but it’s still a “pain-in-the-ass” for everyone else, and this includes Europeans who travel outside Europe.

This isn’t just for cellphones and tablets. This includes all IoT (Internet of Things) devices, including vehicles, home appliances, and other common items embedded with electronics, software, sensors, actuators, and connectivity which enables these things to connect and exchange data.


DentCoin is looking to make life a little easier on a global scale, unfortunately though there are people claiming that they may have taken a bite too BIG to chew.

We’ll see. [fingers crossed]

BoatPilot Token (NAVY)


The Next BIG Thing


For most people, cryptocurrency is thought of something to difficult to understand. It’s understandable, however, this doesn’t mean that it’s useless. People who know of cryptocurrency may have also heard of BitCoin, but what a lot of these people don’t realize that there are many other cryptocurrencies. A lot more.

Out of the many informed investors, some have actually become financially independent and are living the life they never thought possible.  Some of the early BitCoin investors began to think what the majority of the UNinformed public thought — that it was a scam. Unfortunately for these people, they thought wrong.


Well, I may have some information for those who regretfully thought it be best to ditch their BitCoin investment or not invest at all. If you would like a second chance at a possible large gain from a cryptocurrency… it’s called BoatPilot. Not only do I feel that the BoatPilot token is going to become extremely valuable, it has a “best-use-case” unlike any other digital asset in the crypto market.



The BoatPilot token holds its value in advertising, but mostly from data that’s gathered through the BoatPilot app. Very similar to Google Maps and TripAdvisor, BoatPilot is a marine navigation system with an interactive electronic pilot and navigator that features a classic chart plotter. That’s where BoatGod comes in, which is a sophisticated hardware module that kind of looks like an iPad that can be installed on vessels to capture important geo-data statistics on its onboard systems from all of its users thanks to an ingenious tool called Pocket Skipper.


BoatGod can inform ship captains of possible dangers ahead and notify of possible dangers within vessels. If your ship is taking in water, low on fuel, nearest fueling stations, speeding through a “no wake zone”, shallow rocks, etc.  the BoatGod is there to keep watch of these potential warnings and/or dangers. If you have ever used TripAdvisor/Google Maps you know how useful these notifications can be.


Ship captains, yachtsmen, private sailors are rewarded in BoatPilot tokens whenever this precious information is sent to BoatPilot, which is then sent out to other BoatPilot investors BoatGod module.

Now, I am not a ship captain, a yachtsman or even a sailor. In fact, I don’t even own a row boat, but that doesn’t prevent me from being a loyal investor. Who knows, if things go well because of my cryptocurrency investment, I may be able to purchase a sailing vessel of my own in the future . If you would like to watch an encouraging video about BoatPilot then you need to watch this which is posted on BoatPilot’s YouTube channel.

Don’t think locally — think globally.

Stay tuned with Beelzebub.Rocks for more exciting information on BoatPilot and other fascinating cryptocurrencies.





Pundi X

The Passenger Car in my X-Train

Loading Those Bags

I’ve been checking out Pundi X more than my other cryptos because I have a funny feeling that it’s going to make a jump. The price has been hanging around $0.0004 and .0007 since about December of 2018. Pundi X has danced around the prices going to $0.013, then back down to $0.008 only to rise back up to $0.014 in the months of May & June of 2018.

I purchased XRP & XLM and I have A LOT of confidence in these two cryptocurrencies. Maybe, for superstitious reasons, I feel Pundi X having the “X” in their name… I don’t know… it just called to me. You know that feeling…right? It’s a gut instinct had I have to go with it. I have purchased more Pundi X than any other cryptocurrency I have at the moment.

It’s going to rise again, only this time it’ll rise closer to $0.02 than ever before. It may hit $0.02 but it won’t stay there for long.

Why Pundi X?

More and more people are using or starting to get interested in digital currency and the numbers are rising every month. Digital currency is here to stay. Just accept it, man. Pundi X is going to make it easier for other cryptocurrencies to stabilize their payment ecosystem amid hyperinflation with their blockchain-based payment solution.image-3375235_1280

In Nigeria, XPOS is about to make it possible for those to purchase items using BitCoin. They will be the first in Africa! cryptocurrency-2903889_1280

I feel Pundi X has a great idea. Giving retailers, colleges and businesses the ability to exchange multiple cryptocurrencies. This is the kind of convenience that’s going to make Pundi X a valuable asset in the future. It’s not going to hit $100 a unit anytime soon, not even $50, but like the old saying goes, ‘Never, say Never’.  If I buy enough Pundi X (NPXS) I may not have to wait for it to hit 100 bucks. Purchase enough now, I could make out BIG when it hits just one cent.

And it will hit one cent in about two, maybe three years.


Thee Cryptocurrency Exchange

Perfect for Beginners

If you’re new to cryptocurrency and if you haven’t gotten a NanoLedger S [yet], I encourage you to try Coinbase.Com. You may hear some negative comments about Coinbase, but let me assure you the people of Coinbase are very professional and are not out to screw anyone over. If you’re unsure about anything, don’t hesitate to drop them an e-mail. They will be more than willing to help out their [future] customers.

The XRP Controversy

One of the main arguments against Coinbase is that they refused to list Ripple/XRP on their exchange. Coinbase is very picky when it comes to listing cryptocurrencies on their exchange and any cryptocurrency should be MOST honored to have been listed on their exchange. In fact, if you check, there aren’t many cryptocurrencies at all compared to other cryptocurrency exchanges.Screenshot_2019-04-15 xrp logo at DuckDuckGo

Screenshot_2019-04-15 coinbase at DuckDuckGo(1)

Coinbase brought on board Stellar/XLM as well as Ripple/XRP

After constant pleading and showing Coinbase how much more business they could generate by listing XRP, they finally decided to list the “greatest digital asset ever created”. It was a match made in heaven for me personally.

If you haven’t heard of XRP, you’re not alone. However, more and more huge businesses and universities are linking their financial department with cryptocurrency, more specifically — XRP.

XRP is going to explode in price sooner rather than later, BIG businesses know it, banks know it and more importantly the US government knows it. I would think it’s time you should know about XRP too.

Look into it.




Marijuana Cryptocurrencies are being De-listed from Cryptocurrency Exchanges

It was bound to happen. No matter how catchy the marijuana cryptocurrency name/symbol may be; the dedication and hard work that was put behind these marijuana cryptocurrencies — if the support isn’t there, you have nothing.

I admit that it saddens me to see a marijuana cryptocurrency get de-listed. I may be slightly at fault for not investing, as are millions of others I’m sure. However, these marijuana cryptocurrencies may be down, but let’s not count them out.

CoinMarketCap.Com & CoinPaprika.Com list cryptocurrencies on their website and have recently de-listed or have not listed the following marijuana cryptocurrencies:

Screenshot_2019-04-09 Edit Post ‹ Beelzebub Rocks — WordPress com

The Marijuana Cryptocurrencies listed above have either never been listed or been de-listed


Screenshot_2019-04-09 Coin Research Platform Coin Market Overview Coinpaprika

Please do your own research when investing in marijuana cryptocurrencies





The Marijuana Cryptocurrency Market will be in FULL FORCE by 2024

The Legalization of Marijuana is Near!

Did you purchase a batch of marijuana cryptocurrency before/after President Trump signed the 2018 Farm Deal that legalized the agriculture of hemp? Most of us did, or if we already had a stash of marijuana cryptocurrency we just added to it. My point is, are you enjoying this Bull-Run? Are you enjoying watching your profits rise? Well, hold on, before this Bull-Run is over, chances are good that you will have doubled your recent investment — possibly even tripled, we’ll see. Well, that is, if you invested in the “right” marijuana cryptocurrency — like PotCoin.

Let us not forget that marijuana is ILLEGAL on a Federal level throughout the United States. Once the legalization of marijuana takes hold, the marijuana cryptocurrency market will see a Bull-Run unlike anyone has ever seen in the history of cryptocurrency. The legalization will not only start a Bull-Run in the marijuana cryptocurrency market but the regular cryptocurrency market as well.

We’ll see cryptocurrencies like LiteCoin and Ethereum start to increase in price when the legalization of marijuana becomes effective. Since LiteCoin and Ethereum were forked to create marijuana cryptocurrencies (PotCoin & Paragon Coin) it would only seem logical that these cryptocurrencies rise as well. Correct?


Does the saying “What comes around, goes around” apply in marijuana cryptocurrency?




President Trump will legalize marijuana

President Trump understands money. He knows how to make it, he knows how to keep it and he knows how to make it work for you in order to make more of it. What’s wrong with that?

President Trump understands the importance of making money too. You can’t keep making lots of “old” money. You need fresh resources; new ways of making lots money. The Marijuana Industry and the Marijuana Cryptocurrency Market are two resources that have been proven to be able to generate billions, if not trillions of US dollars.

PotCoin is the Easiest Marijuana Cryptocurrency to Invest in by way of PotWallet

Why do I push PotCoin so hard? Because it’s the easiest marijuana cryptocurrency to invest in. That is, by way of PotWallet ( Any marijuana cryptocurrency would be a smart decision, especially for those who are in for the “long haul”, know what I mean?


420 CRYPTOS REPORT: Take Notice of HempCoin

What’s Happening with HempCoin?

The Marijuana Cryptocurrency Market
is Beyond Unpredictable, it’s Pure Insanity

The cryptocurrency market is already driving a few investors totally insane, but add a valuable, outlawed product like marijuana “in-the-mix” and you’ll get a total different chaotic frenzy of lunacy like never seen before.

Not Giving Up on HempCoin

I’ve said it before that the only marijuana cryptocurrency I have invested in is PotCoin. I’ve planned on buying HempCoin and by the looks of things, I may be purchasing some HempCoin sooner rather than later. The price of HempCoin has surprisingly went down. More than I was anticipating. I knew both PotCoin & HempCoin would experience a wave effect, but I didn’t think the “dip down” with HempCoin was going to be so drastic.

I’m not complaining by no means, I’m actually happy to be given such a window to purchase at such a low price. I’m going to take full advantage of this moment.


Never invest MORE than what you can afford to lose.


420 CRYPTOS: Not Trusting Paragon Coin… not just yet

Researching Paragon Coin

To be honest, I have only invested in PotCoin when it comes to Marijuana Cryptocurrencies. Mainly because it was easy to invest in PotCoin by simply going to Www.PotWallet.Com and getting an online wallet.

420 Cryptos does NOT recommend keeping a large investment on an online wallet no matter who that online exchange may be. 420 Cryptos recommends keeping your cryptocurrency on a Nano Ledger.

What’s been Discovered on Paragon Coin?

So far, I’ve discovered that Jessica VerSteeg, is not only the CEO of Paragon but she was also crowned Miss Iowa, she appeared on “Amazing Race” (S28) which aired on CBS. Paragon Coin has seen it’s fair-share inside of a court room these past few months. Looks as though Paragon Coin is keeping its head-above-water as well as keeping its nose clean. Being charged with fraud is an ugly thing.



Stellar (XLM)

The Quiet Crypto

I recently received 90 Stellar Coins ($10 worth), also called Stellar Lumens. I received these crypto tokens for FREE because I watched five 2 minute videos and took a one question quiz after each video. Easy. Thank you CoinBase.Com.

Those $10 worth of FREE Stellar Lumens are now worth around $12 just a few days later. I’ve been checking on the price on not only XLM, but XRP, PotCoin and Basic Attention Token as well. The crypto market is doing quite well.


You Got To Have Faith

A little knowledge wouldn’t hurt either.

–Do you see what’s happening around you? Are you looking into your financial future? If you’re going by what “they” are telling you (or not telling you)…you’re screwed. And by “they” I mean anyone bashing/criticizing cryptocurrency.

Short True Story

The head honchos at JP Morgan/Chase Bank actually threatened their employees with termination if caught dealing in cryptocurrency. Not only does that sound totally illegal the kick-in-the-teeth, in my opinion, was when JP Morgan/Chase Bank started dealing in cryptocurrency. Behind closed curtains, of course, but somehow in someway the curtain was drawn and the secret came spilling out.

However, that’s not all. After JP Morgan/Chase Bank bashed cryptocurrency by calling it a scam, threatening their employees then doing the exact act they threatened their employees with, JP Morgan/Chase Bank comes out with their very own cryptocurrency.

What’s that tell you?
That’s right. Cryptocurrency is here and it’s here to stay.

XRP Holder

I’m a fan of XRP. I’m a fan of BitCoin also, however, I don’t own any BitCoin. Wish I did, but I don’t. I’d be happy with one…just one. One BitCoin to hold onto forever, but have plenty of XRP on hand. That’s my baby. I don’t like to hold my cryptocurrency on an online exchange/wallet, I do with some but with XRP I use a NanoLedger. A NanoLedger is a cold wallet. It can’t be hacked like an online exchange can and has. Investing is stressful enough, I don’t need to add the threat of a hacker stealing all my cryptocurrency on top of everything else. The NanoLedger fixed that.

Why XRP? Because XRP is the greatest digital asset ever created. It’s better than BitCoin. Compared to XRP, BitCoin is a dinosaur. With BitCoin you may have to wait anywhere from 30 minutes to three hours. With XRP the transaction takes seconds. Seconds compared to minutes — you decide.

I’m NOT a Financial Advisor

This is for entertainment/informative purposes only.

Look into XRP for yourself. If XRP doesn’t sound like it’s right for you, that’s cool. Let me ask you this:
During the California Gold Rush what type of person would you have been?
1. Packed up and headed West to make a better life
2. Stayed right where you were at because you’re happy with your current status

Think about it.
Do you have any idea how many millionaires BitCoin created?
I’m not saying that XRP is going to make you into a millionaire, I’m saying that XRP has a good chance of making your current status/situation into a better one.