Hurry, hurry, hurry…

…get your PotCoin now!

Is PotCoin going to explode soon?

People thought that PotCoin might rise in price when President Trump signed the 2018 Farm Bill legalizing the cultivation of hemp. Unfortunately, that wasn’t case.

However, that doesn’t mean the price of PotCoin isn’t going to rise at all. The 2018 Farm Bill was just a small step to the legalization of marijuana in the United States. Soon, cannabis/hemp/marijuana will be available to all who wish to reap in the benefits from this magical plant.

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Close Call

Sold All My Dogecoin

And Just In Time

After watching the YouTube channel Digital Asset Investor I got the funny feeling that I should sell my other digital assets and invest in XRP, particularity Dogecoin. I’m not saying that he said such a thing, because he’s “the Digital Asset Investor, he’s not an advisor. His channel is for entertainment purposes only.”

It was a GREAT move.

Not only did Dogecoin drop back down in price, I sold my Dogecoin when it peaked at a point where I took in over three times my investment.


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PotCoin; Marijuana Cryptocurrency, not a Popular Subject at the Moment


C. Morehash

Why Isn’t Anyone Talking About PotCoin?
That Is, Besides Me?

It’s a rarity that PotCoin is ever mentioned in an article discussing cryptocurrency. PotCoin has to sponsor former NBA celebrities that are traveling to North Korea to get any sort of press — not even positive press…just, press.

You remember when Dennis Rodman traveled to North Korea to visit Kim Jung Un? Yeah, that whole trip was paid for by PotCoin. Did you know that?

Other than that…I’m hearing nothing.

And I like PotCoin. I think they have a GREAT head start in the marijuana cryptocurrency market. I’m thinking that they’re going to need a “best-use-case” if they want to get ahead any further.

Marijuana Cryptocurrency

What’s the advantage in using a marijuana cryptocurrency rather than another cryptocurrency like XRP or LiteCoin? What’s preventing me from using another cryptocurrency other than a marijuana cryptocurrency? Would I receive a discount? Is there some special offer? Do I get a free key-chain?

Fact is, the marijuana movement has dropped to a slow walk ever since the legalization of marijuana exploded throughout the United States. It’s not doing as well as some have claimed. It’s growing…no doubt, it’s just not growing as fast as some marijuana enthusiasts had predicted.

I feel like people in general, won’t put their trust in something the United States Federal Government still finds illegal — as they should. This is dangerous ground and extremely fragile; sensitive even. Cryptocurrency in itself is still unknown to about 90% of Americans and therefore undoubtedly not trusted. Now mixing the two together [marijuana+cryptocurrency] is a concoction waiting to explode. That explosion could “go to the moon” or totally all in my face.

Could marijuana cryptocurrency take-off?
Sure it could, but it needs a “best-use-case” and it needs to be legalized on a Federal level.

Is Marijuana Cryptocurrency worth the Investment?

As of right now, I’m totally on the look-out and studying any articles that pertain to not only cryptocurrency, but marijuana cryptocurrency as well.
I am NOT a financial advisor, but if I had the money I would invest as much as I could afford into marijuana cryptocurrency…particularly, PotCoin.
Right now, or ASAP.


FOMO — Fear Of Missing Out

420 CRYPTOS — Locked Out of my PotWallet

Not a Good Way to Start Off a
YouTube Channel

PotCoin’s PotWallet having Major Problems

Suspicious Activity

not authorized - potwallet

I just opened the account in November of 2018.
You mean to tell me that my $50 investment has already been attacked by “suspicious activity” within two months after I opened a PotWallet account?

This doesn’t look good.
But I’m not giving up on them.


So finally, after sometime, PotCoin tweeted this out.

Now, from my understanding and I may be wrong, but PotCoin & PotWallet are two separate entities. Correct me if I’m wrong.

Below are the instructions on how to get back in sync with PotWallet

screenshot_2019-01-12 potcoin(1)

screenshot_2019-01-12 potcoin(2)

screenshot_2019-01-01 potwallet com 521 web server is down

Sticking to Ripple (XRP)


Cryptocurrency will replace how we spend money.

It’s here to stay, it’s not going anywhere.
Get wise and get familiar with cryptocurrency.

Cryptocurrency — what is it?

Cryptocurrency is money that exists in a digital or virtual state rather than in physical form. You can’t literally touch cryptocurrency like you can with modern-day currency.  It uses cryptography to secure and verify each and every transaction. This is done to control the amount of new units of a particular cryptocurrency being created.

My 2nd Blog Post on Cryptocurrency

If you read my last post on cryptocurrency, you’ll remember me writing that XRP was at around sixty-three cents per units. Well, it has since dropped to more than half that. In fact, as of right now as I write this XRP is at thirty-one cents. This may have scared off a few people into selling ALL their units but most stuck to their guns (like me) and held on. In fact, I even purchased twice as much as I did the first time around.

XRP wasn’t the only cryptocurrency that got hit, in fact, some cryptocurrencies went belly up. “What happen?” you might wonder. I’ll tell you.

Bitcoin Gold got hacked. Millions of dollars were either lost and/or stolen.
The whole cryptocurrency community was shattered. Some scared off.

Yes, it happens. Not very often, but it happens.
But you know what…?
The way I look at it, banks get robbed too.

Why Ripple (XRP)?

If the company, Ripple, goes “out-of-business”, XRP will still be in the cryptocurrency world. I don’t think that’s going to happen, but it’s nice to know.

How do I know?

All it takes is one transaction experience for someone to realize the superiority of XRP over a dinosaur like Bitcoin.

Look into it for yourself, do the research. You will see that XRP isn’t going anywhere.


I also purchased some Dogecoin.

I looked around the cryptocurrency market at CoinMarketCap.Com and checked out the top 30 cryptocurrencies. I decided to start at the bottom and work my way up when I noticed a cryptocurrency well below the #30 spot.

It stuck out, I suppose, so I clicked on it and read up on it.
Okay…I liked it. Let’s move on.

I checked on about another four or five cryptocurrencies, but Dogecoin just kept popping in my mind.
So I went back and read up a little more.
I even watched a video of the creator of Dogecoin, Jackson Palmer, and liked what he had to say. His story reminded me a little bit of how the BEASTIE BOYS got started and their break-through album released on November 15, 1986 by Def Jam, LICENSE TO ILL.

And yes, I’m a Beastie Boy fan so I decided to go for it and purchased as much Dogecoin I could afford.


Now if this goes to just ONE CENT per unit I’ll just about quadruple my investment.